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Vukovar, Croatian Baroque city on the Danube river, Siniša Glavašević: The Story about Town (Croatian - English)



Open in two broswers, and tile vertically in two halves.

Lijepa naša domovino - Notre belle patrie, in Croatian and French

King of Dolls, in Croatian, English, Spanish, and Russian

Kristian Kreković, su museo y su mensaje de paz, por Llorenç Vidal, in Croatian and Spanish

Croatian Glagolitic Manuscripts held outside of Croatia, Croatian, English

Croatian glagolitic heritage related to Lika, Krbava, Gatska, Modrus and Senj, Croatian, English

William Feller, outstanding Croatian-American mathematician, Croatian, English

Vila E.V. Fellera u Zagrebu, Croatian and German

Moje drago serce (the most famous letter written in Croatian; see the historical context)

  • Croatian (Moje drago serce), Vienna, 1671,
  • English (My dear soul), London, 1672,
  • German (Mein liebes Herz), Vienna, 1671,
  • French (Ma chere Femme), Paris, 1691,
  • Italian:
  • Latin (Delicium meum), Vienna, 1671,
  • Spanish (Querida Esposa mia), Madrid, 1687,
  • Dutch (Myn Liefste Hert), Amsterdam, 1671,
  • Hungarian (Anna Catharina), Budapest, 1671.

Ivo Masina, Croatian, English

A Remarkable Address Given by a Croatian Minister to Those Going to War 1778, Croatian, English

Albert Einstein and Heinrich Mann, APPEAL TO THE INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF HUMAN RIGHTS, Croatian, English

The Lipik Orphanage and Colonel Mark Cook, Croatian, English

U Boj!

Dr. Ruggero Cattaneo: Testimonium bilabium di Filip Lastrich da Ocevja (Philippus ab Ochievia, 1700-1783), Introduzione, Croatian, Italian

Dubravko Jelčić, Storia della letteratura croata, ed. Guépard Noir, Milano 2005, a cura di Ruggero Cattaneo, (dalla Postfazione del curatore), in Croatian and Italian

Miro Gavran, Laughter Prohibited, comedy in 8 acts, in Croatian and English

Croatians in America - photo collection by Vladimir Novak, in Croatian and English

Antun Pinterović: Franjo Dugan (1874.-1948.), in Croatian and English

Archaeological Heritage of Župa Dubrovačka, published by Dubrovnik Museums - Archaeological Museum, Dubrovnik, and Municipality of Župa Dubrovačka, by Zdenko Žeravica, Ljiljana Kovačić, Domagoj Perkić and Marta Perkić, 2007, 68 pp, ISBN 978-953-7037-02-5, Introduction by Dr. Zdenko Žeravica, in Croatian and English

Touristic & Ecological Estate "Pustara Višnjica" ready for ...you (Croatian - English)

Juraj Lokmer: Bishop Šimun Kožičić-Benja and The Glagolitic Printshop in Rijeka 1530-1531, Croatian, English

Dr. Drago Štambuk: Speech in Hiroshima for the Vukovar victims, in Croatian and English

Academician Žarko Dadić: Arithmetika Horvatszka from 1758, the oldest Croatian Arithmetic

Petition for unconditional return of stolen Croatian horses to Croatia, 2007

Haiku in Croatia, more than twenty Croatian poets with their haikus in Croatian and English, and some in Japanese as well

Dubravko Horvatić: Srijem, in Croatian and English

Dr. Mario Essert: Azra Ljumanović, Croatian spirituality; in Croatian and English

Richard Horton: The nightmares of a middle-aged editor, in Croatian and English

Marijan Busic - a Croatian visionary with The Cravat, in Croatian and English

Dominik Galić:

Mirna Brkanović working on her debut film, in Croatian and English (in part)

Dr. Ante Chuvalo: Croatian Heroes: Vinko Gecan USA, in Croatian and English

Dr. Ante Chuvalo: Helen Crlenkovich renowned American springboard diver, in Croatian and English

The CRAVAT instead of a TIE and NECKTIE, in Croatian and English

Ivan Mestrovic's The Descent from the Cross sold for 250 000 EU at Sotheby's, in Croatian and English

Fr. Sylvester Xavier, India: Ante Gabric the Saint of Sundarban in India, in Croatian and English

Croatian Postage Stamps described in Croatian and English, by Croatian Post

Dalmatian dog is Croatian autochthonous breed, in Croatian and English, by Croatian Post

Petar Zoranic 1508-1569 important Croatian Renaissance writer, in Croatian and English, by Croatian Post

Najka Mirković: Ivo Macela distinguished Croatian medical scientist in Prague and Bratislava, in Croatian and English

Project of Croatian house in Tokamachi Japan, in Croatian and English

Teddy Bear Hospital in Zagreb inviting children from 3-6 years of age, June 16 2009, in Croatian and English

Julienne Eden Bušić: Your Blood and Mine, waiting for her husband Zvonko for 32 years, in Croatian and English

Anđelka Mustapić (interview): Igor Stagljar distinguished Croatian molecular biologist in Toronto, in Croatian and English

Jakša Fiamnego: Fjaka - Between Times, in Croatian and English

Miro Gavran's premieres in the Czech Republic Japan and Romania, in Croatian and English

Professors Z. Drmac and K. Veselic received prestigeous SIAM math prize, in Croatian and English

Sanja Zeljeznjak: Japan-Croatia Friendship House Project presented in Tokamachi in Croatian and English

Dr. Ante Čuvalo: Croatia at the crossroads, in Croatian and English

Anika Rešetar: The Sound of Music, von Trapp and Croatia, in Croatian and English

Jim Caviezel's spiritual journey from Medjugorje to Mel Gibson's Passion, in Croatian and English

Davor Rostuhar: Moreska in Croatia the last authentic sword dance in the Mediterranean, in Croatian and English

Nenad N. Bach: Velimir Trnski painting the 1671 love story of Petar and Katarina Zrinski, in Croatian and English

Ivan Pušćenik: Croatian town Lipik needs help to rebuild Kursalon, in Croatian and English

Vitomir Miles Raguž: Who saved Bosnia, in Croatian and English

Ivan Pušćenik: Frank Westerman Dutchman wrote a book about the Lipik Lipizzaners, in Croatian and English

Prof. Dr. Hrvoje Kačić: The Hague Tribunal does not meet the obligations for which it was established, in Croatian and English

Statement by the Croatian Conference of Bishops on The Hague's Verdict, in Croatian and English

Marijan Ožanić, M.Sc.Zagreb Technopolis - Silicon Valley on the Sava River in Croatia, in Croatian and English

Kathy Wilkes Dr Honoris Causa of the University of Zagreb 2001, in Croatian and English

Dr. Borislav Arapović: A Remarkable Address Given by a Croatian Minister to Those Going to War 1778, in Croatian and English

Giulio Clovio Croata 1498–1578 the greatest miniaturist of the Renaissance, in Croatian and English

Merry Christmas to Mr. Slobodan Praljak and to Mr. Dario Kordic with their families, in Croatian and English

Marijan Ožanić, M.Sc.: Zvonko Viduka Croatian enterpreneur selling high-tech products in 35 countries worldwide, in Croatian and English

Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.: Karolina Vidovic Kristo distinguished Croatian journalist on HTV, in Croatian and English

Marijan Ožanić, M.Sc.: Goran Oreskovic founder and owner of VESKI Ltd. Croatian export and knowledge based company, in Croatian and English

Marijan Ožanić, M.Sc.: Croatian entrepreneurs Ivan Matuna, Danijel Babić, Marjan Novak, and Antun Horvat, in Croatian and English

Marijan Ožanić, M.Sc.: How can Croatian science help Croatia to overcome the crisis?, in Croatian and English

Marijan Ožanić, M.Sc.IN2 - the largest Croatian IT company is directed by Ante Mandic, in Croatian and English

Prof. dr. Zvonko Benčić: Development and Production of Electric Vehicles in Croatia, in Croatian and English

Katarina Peročević published The Right to Dignity on The Cyprus higher education Portal, in Croatian, English and Greek

Mauricij Frka Petešić: Ivan Bjelovučić the first in history to fly over the Alps in 1913, in Croatian and English

My little piece of land; Favorite places, in Croatian and English

Faust Vrancic 1551-1617 Memorial Center on the island of Prvic near the town of Sibenik in Croatia, in Croatian and English

Sandra Stanić: Sarma and Bebek in Haiti, in Croatian and English

Srđan Bulat continues to play contemporary Croatian composers, in English and Croatian

Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic president of the Republic of Croatia visited pope Francis on 28 May 2015, in Croatian and English

Petar Nodilo, SJ: Pope Francis in Sarajevo in 2015 meeting his old friend f. Petar Galauner, SJ Zagreb, in Croatian and English

Giorgio Surian distinguished Croatian opera singer of worldwide reputation, in Croatian and English

Ferdinand Budicki the first driver in Zagreb to have passed a driving test in 1910, in Croatian and English

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