Letter by Petar Zrinski to his wife Katarina

Written in Croatian language in 1671
English translation (My dear soul), London 1672



My dear soul!

Letter of Petar Zrinski to KatarinaI most humbly beg of you, that you would not grieve your self to excess, at the sight of this Letter. To morrow, Ah Madam, I must tell it you, Alas! To morrow about ten of the clock in the morning, we must lose our Heads, I, and your brother. To day we have taken our last farewell each of other; and now I come also to take leave of you, my dear Soul, for ever; entreating you that you will please to pardon me all things, whereby in all my life time, I have ever offended you. God who hat created me, will have pity on me, whom I will also beseech, for I hope I shall to morrow be in his presence, that we may see each other in eternal glory before his Throne. As to any thing else, I can write nothing, neither concerning my Son, nor any disposal of what I have in the World, having resigned all to the will of God. Afflict not your self beyond measure, for God will have it so. Newstadt, the last day of my life: Being the 29th. of April, at 7 a clock at night, in the year 1671. God preserve you and bless you, and my Daughter Aurora Veronica. Amen.

Peter Count of Zerin

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Original Croatian letter by Petar Zrinski written in 1671 to his wife Katarina.
Kept in the treasury of the Zagreb Cathedral.

Petar Zrinski, unknown painter, arround 1664-1670.
Croatian History Museum.


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