This text grew out from author's booklet - Darko Zubrinic: "Faculty of Electrical Engineering" (now "Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing"), written in 1992. I am grateful to my coleagues, but there are too many to name them all. However, special thanks go to:
  1. dr. Dubravka Bosnic,
  2. prof.dr. Vladimir Cepulic,
  3. dr. Vladimir Dugacki,
  4. Academician Branko Fucic,
  5. mr. Alemko Gluhak,
  6. prof.dr. Ivan Ivansic,
  7. prof.dr Vatroslav Lopasic (1911-2003),
  8. dipl.jur. Kresimir Mikolcic,
  9. prof.dr. Vladimir Muljevic,
  10. prof. Vlatko Ostric,
  11. prof.dr. Uros Perusko,
  12. ing. Zeljko Tomic.

I obtained valuable suggestions from dr. Trpimir Macan from the Croatian Lexicographical Institute, who reviewed the part of the text devoted to the history of Croatia. Needless to say, and it is not just a pose, that the responsibility for all mistakes should be born exclusively by the author.

I am also deeply indebted to (1995-...):


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