Croatian Glagolitic heritage in the context of European culture

Darko Zubrinic, 2002 (in Croatian)

Importance of the Glagolitic heritage for Croatian culture

Juraj iz Slavonije (Georges d'Esclavonie, George de Sorbonne), 14/15 centuries, Glagolite and professor on Sorbonne around 1400

Croatian Glagolitic script in books of European encyclopaedists in 16th - 18th centuries: (16th century: Givanni Battista Palatino, Angelo Rocca, Guillaume Postel, 17th century: Richard Daniel, 18th century: Alberto Fortis)

The British Library (London):

Croatian Glagolitic books and manuscripts kept outside of Croatia (for example in Princeton, New York, Vienna, Oslo, Prague, St. Petersburg, Constantinople, etc.) - 27 countries, in about 80 cities

Chronology of the Croatian glagolitic

Introduction to cursive Glagolitic script (Glagolitic quickscript; Marko Marulic)

Croatian glagolitic in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Slovenia

Glagolitic fonts

Obshtezhitie (Ralph Cleminson, Great Britain)

Glagolitic singing (Katarina Livljanic)

Exhibitions of the Croatian Glagolitic script (Dublin 2001, Berlin 2002)

Scripturae glagoliticae amicorum societas (11 centuries of Croatian glagolitic books, Glagolitic excursions, Glagolitic library, etc.)

Mali leksikon hrvatske glagoljice

Glagolitic excursions (+ South Africa, Franck & Kate Alfirevic)