Croatian Glagolitic fonts

© by Darko Zubrinic, Zagreb (1995)

1. TeX fonts

The author of these lines has created a set of TeX and METAFONT files, containg 367 symbols, described in [PDF]:
  • Croatian Glagolitic (round, angular, Baska Tablet, quickscript, about 60 ligatures, Baromic broken ligatures, calligraphic letters)
  • Croatian Cyrillic
  • stechak ornaments
  • Croatian interlace patterns
The file croatian.tar.gz should be gunzip-ed, then use ``tar xvf croatian.tar'', which will automatically create a subdirectory /croatian/.

This package is also on the following sites:

  • CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network), or at
  • University of Heidelberg mirror (Germany) of the CTAN archive. The fonts are described in my paper

    • Darko Zubrinic: Croatian fonts [PDF], TUGboat, Vol 17, No 1, March 1996.
    • Darko Zubrinic: Croatian Fonts for Users of LaTeX [PDF], [LaTeX source file] (5 pp), 2010. This is an expanded and corrected version of the above 1996 paper. You should have installed Croatian metafont files at CTAN (note for users of MIKTeX: you automatically have all these fonts on your computer if you installed the full version of MIKTeX). From the LaTeX source file you will see how the Croatian fonts are used.
    • Darko Zubrinic: Minimal Article with Croatian Fonts for Users of LaTeX [PDF], [LaTeX source file] (1 p), 2010.

    There exist as many as 53 mirror sites of CTAN archive in 27 countries throughout the world! So you can obtain my Croatian TeX and metafont files faster from the closest mirror site using the searching engine. Just write croatian into the search box and click the button. Similarly you can also find closest mirror sites for many other languages (updated in 1997).

    Pick the server nearest you:

    Search for:

  • This is a slight modification of Peter Flynn's searching engine at TUGboat


  • Compuserve FLEFO, Foreign Language Forum, Slavic/East European Section (; thanks to Zeljko Lupic, Compuserve, Canada). If you should use these fonts, I would deeply appreciate to inform me.

2. Fonts for Windows

Glagolitic fonts for Windows in several formats, including TrueType, are available:

  • Font "Glagolica Missal DPG" [TTF], created in 2011 by Nenad Hancic; downloading instructions in Croatian, German, English
  • Epistula Croatica - Croatian glagolitic font of angular type, created in 2009 by Filip Cvitic. The font can be downloaded also here: [EpistulaCroatiaca.ttf], and [EpistulaCroatiaca.otf] (improved version since Feb 2010). For the users of InDesign it can be used without problems. It still needs some improvements for users of Word, that will be available during January 2010.
  • round and  angular glagolitic font created by Zoran Rajic. Angular or Croatian glagolitic font has been improved and extended by Eugen Divjak (October 2005), and then improved again by Ivica Glavan (April 2008, no more problems with Croatian diacritics)
  • round and angular glagolitic font, created by dr. Emil Hersak ("multilanguage support" should be installed, then the russian driver, copy kbdru.kbd into Windows/system directory so that russian kbd changes window's default kbd; for "yat" use insert/symbol).
    I express my deepest gratitude to dr. Hersak for his font, which is a gift to Drustvo prijatelja glagoljice, and which we gladly share with you.
  • Krcka glagoljska kurziva, KRCKAN.TTF - glagolitic quickscript from the island of Krk, created by Eugen Divjak, October 2005, improved by Nenad Hancic in 2011: Krcka_notarska_skola.ttf (see the font table [JPG] and keybord [PDF])
  • Nenad Hancic has created cursive glagolitic font "Croatica" available on, described in Croatian and English, online since 2009
  • Nenad Hancic has created another Croatian cursive glagolitic font called "Vinodolski_Zakon_NH.otf" . Description of the font: [PDF]
  • Privlacka parokijanska glagoljska kurziva - Croatian Glagolitic quickscript font from the region of Zadar, Privlackap1.ttf, created by Ivica Glavan, University of Zadar.
  • Vrbnik Missal style (angular glagolitic, 1456), created by Natalija Nikpalj Polondak (this nice font will be further improved).
  • Baromich breviary style (angular glagolitic, 1493 incunabulum), beautiful font created by Frane Paro and Anton Katunar, including some exotic ligatures, special symbols and initials.

Unicode Croatian Glagolitic

APPEAL: It would be of interest to create a set of some 15 to 20 different true-type fonts for windows corresponding to various important Croatian glagolitic documents of very different styles (triangular, round, angular, quickscript). Until now we have only several. For the Croatian cyrillic we have none.

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