Dear reader, many people have helped me to create these web pages, see the Acknowledgements. I kindly ask You the following:

  • Any photo or information related to the history of Croats in general would be welcome. I am in particular interested in old photos of Croatian cultural organizations throughout the world. For example a photo of old Croatian tamburitza players (and not only tamburitza players) would be welcome.
  • I am very interested in any information (including photos) of cultural society Hrvatska zena (Croatian Woman), founded in 1920's in Zagreb, forbidden from 1945 till 1990 by ex-Yugoslavia, but some of its branches, like the one in Chicago, USA, continued to exist. I know that there existed (or even still exists) Hrvatska zena in Punta Arenas, on the very south of Chile.
  • Some of the best church frescos in the USA are in Croatian churches, painted by Maxo Vanka. I would deeply appreciate a photo.
  • One of the greatest mathematicians in history is Leonhard Euler (18th century). I have information that he was communicating in written with Rugjer Boskovic, and that his letters are kept in Boskovic Archives at the Rare Books library in Berkeley, University of California, USA. It would be extremely interesting to translate some of this letters into English and Croatian.
My e-mail is darko.zubrinicYY[AT] (please, remove Y's; don't ask me why), or darkoYY [AT] .

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