Croatia - Overview of History, Culture and Science is an on-line encyclopaedia dedicated to various aspects of Croatia and the life of Croats throughtout the world. The author responsible for its content is Darko Zubrinic, professor of Mathematics at the University of Zagreb. The web site has numerous contributors, see the Acknowledgements (the list, though extensive, is not complete).

Dr. Darko Zubrinic
Calogoviceva 24
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This web site has been initiated in 1995. Its first version was based on my booklet Faculty of Electrical Engineering with a short survey of the history of Croatia (86 pp), prepared in 1992 and issued by the end of that year by the same Faculty. The 1992 survey itself consisted of 34 printed pages.

The web site is growing continuously since 2005. At present it consists of about 300 web pages covering many aspects of Croatian history, culture and science. Some of individual web pages are rather extensive, occupying 60 or more printed pages. Almost every week there are new additions and improvements.

A major part of this web site is written in English, and a smaller part in Croatian. There are also a few contributions in French , Spanish and Russian. One of the main features of this web are numerous links interespersed through the text, many of them pointing to outer resources. Unfortunately, some of the outer links may be invalid due to circumstances that are out of my control.

Contact e-mail: darko.zubrinicYY[AT] (please, remove Y's; don't ask me why), or darkoYY[AT] .

Croatia - its History, Culture and Science