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Introduction. Primorsko-Goranska County lies in northwestern Croatia and is centered on the city of Rijeka. As its name implies (best translated as the Littoral-Mountainous County), the County contains both sea shore areas as well as mountainous terrain. The County is bordered on the north by Slovenia, on the west by Istria County, and on the east and south by Karlovac and Lika-Senj Counties. In addition to Rijeka, it includes within its boundaries parts of the Istrian Peninsula, including Opatija, the mountainous region of Gorski kotar centered on Delnice, the coast line south from Rijeka to Novi Vindolski and the islands of Cres, Lošinj, Krk, Rab and certain smaller islands. In 2001, it had a population of approximately 305,000.

The County was divided between Italy and Yugoslavia after World War I. Italy received the central part of Rijeka while Rijeka's eastern suburb, Sušak, became part of Yugoslavia. Italy also obtained Opatija, Mount Učka, interior parts of Istria (known as Ćićarija), and the islands of Cres, Lošinj and certain other outlying islands.

After the Axis invasion, Italy annexed further territory in the County (including Krk and Rab, Sušak, Bakar and large parts of the Gorski kotar centered around the town of Čabar). The remaining part of the County formally came under the sovereignity of the NDH but, in point of fact, the Italians never allowed the NDH to exercise any meaningful control over this territory.

Resistance to the Italian occupiers soon spread within the current boundaries of the County, with Partisan activity especially pronounced in the hinterland of Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski and the rugged areas of the Gorski Kotar by late 1941. This region became one of the first areas of Croatia where ethnic Croats rose en mass against the Axis powers. Of symbolic importance was the appearance of one of the first organized resistance forces within the borders of Italy, one of the three major Axis powers, when a band of Croatian Partisans began to operate in and around Mount Učka in mid-1942.

The Italians countered this support with incredible brutality. The County is doted with spots where mass executions of inncocent civilians took place (e.g., Brnelići/Milaši, Podhum). The Italians deported tens of thousands of other civilians to concentration camps in Italy and on the coast, including a notorious one at Kampor on Rab Island, where close to 600 Croats died, along with over a thousand Slovenes; hundreds of other Croats from the County died in other camps in Italy.

The capitulation of Italy in September 1943 brought the entire area under Partisan control, other than the central part of Rijeka. Within several weeks, German forces successfully carried out a massive offensive which brought most of the coast area under their control. The Germans included Krk Island and area of the Croatian Littoral in a new administrative unit, the Adriatc Coastland (Adriatisches Künstland) (which included Istria, Rijeka and Trieste). This territory was placed under direct German control, apparently in contemplation of annexing the territory to Germany following the end of the War.

The Germans launched massive reprisals against the native populace. Their victims included the Jews of Rijeka and Opatija, while they directed other reprisals at Croats. Hundreds of people suspected of supporting the Partisans were deported to German concentration camps while the Germans summarily executed others. One of the most notorious of such reprisals was the destruction of the village of Lipa where the Germans executed at least 269 people in one day.

During the last year of the War, the County was marked by what can only be described as organized lawlessness. The Germans increasingly relied on the support of other forces in policing the region, including Chetniks who had been forced to withdraw from the interior parts of the Balkans and forces under the renegade Russian General Vlasov. All these forces, along with ethnic Italians who remained loyal to Mussolini's Italian Social Republic, carried out numerous killings against civilians and hostages until the very end of the War, as demonstrated by monuments to the victims killed in March 1945 at the Stairway of the Executed Thirteen in Rijeka-Sušak and in April 1945 at Ičići and on the Ljubljanska cesta in Rijeka.

The region remained in the throes of war even after Hitler's suicide as the Germans fought tooth and nail. The Partisans only liberated Rijeka on 3 May 1945 (the date remains enshrined in Rijeka in the name "3 Maj," one of the largest shipbuilding yards in Croatia) and final military operations in the general region only ceased after the first week of May 1945.

Works Consulted. In addition to other works cited in the text below for specific towns, the author consulted the following works in preparing the lists of those killed:

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Vindolski zbornik. Collected Papers of Vindol, a scholarly journal which appeared in the 1980s. It has since been revived as the Novljanski zbornik (Collected Papers of Novi Vinodolski) which is published by the People's Reading Room of Novi Vinodolski.

BAKAR. Bakar is a medieval Croatian town which appears to have been first settled in ancient times. The town's representatives were signatories to the Vinodol Law (Vinodolski zakon) in 1288. During World War II, Bakar was the site of an Italian internment camp which held hundreds of Croats as captives.


A general monument to Partisans stands in the center of Bakar.

Bakar is an old port and has been the home of a Merchant Marine School since 1849. The school building has a white marble plaque to the right of its main entrance which lists the names of its students and teachers killed as Partisans or Victims of Fascist Terror during World War II as follows:


Baričević Dragutin
Baričević Ivica
Benić Smilko
Bernfest Đuro
Buchofer Juraj
Ćepulić Željko
Crljenko Juraj
Crnić Ante
Domijan Stjepan
Dorčić Ljubomir-Ljubo
Dujmić Andjelko
Dukić Vjekoslav
Ferencević Srećko
Gauš Božo
Grgonja Vlatko
Grubišić Marijan
Kesić Milan (Engineer)
Knafel Danilo
Kopajtić Pavao
Korić Mate


Kosanović Dušan
Kršul Josip
Kršul Josip
Kučan Boris
Kučan Mate
Linčić Ljubo
Manačić Anton
Marković Josip
Matešić Dušan
Mazar Josip
Medanić Darko
Mikuličić Marijan
Miloš Ljubomir
Miloš Srećko
Milošević Dušan
Moretti Bruno
Murn Ivan
Pajkurić Marijo
Paškvan Branko
Perović Atilijo


Pezelj Žarko
Polić Ivica
Randić Mario
Roberti Ivan
Ropac Ivan
Ružić Božo
Sablić Ivan
Seke Tiberije
Smokvina Marinko
Sodić Ivan
Subotincić Dušan
Suzanić Jovo
Suzanić Slavko
Tarokić Josip
Tijan Franjo
Tonković Teodor
Turato Rajko
Vukas Dimitrije
Vukosa Milivoj
Zoričić Tihomir
Žgur, Vojislav


Butorović lists the following pre-War members of the KPH and SKOJ killed during the War who were from Bakar:

Grohovac, Stanko
Karlović, Berto
Martinić, Karlo
Urlić, Marin

On the Adriatic coast road above Bakar, a small rectangular plaque marks the spot where Vera Albaneže ( photo) and Nevenka Kovačić were killed on 14 August 1943. Both young women had acted as couriers for the Partisans and had been captured and shot.



BAKARAC. Bakarac is a small fishing village on the Adriatic coastal road, between the towns of Bakar and Kraljevica. The monument to those from Bakarac who died in Partisan forces is located off the main road. It is a white marble slab placed on the right side of a block of white stones, with a red star in the upper left hand corner of the block. The monument lists the following names:

Benac, Josip
Grubišić, Marijan
Crnarić, Nikola
Dorić, Stanko
Gudac, Željko
Nadalić, Stjepan
Papić, Marijan
Rukavina, Nedeljko
Sepić, Olga


Primorsko also lists the following Partisan from Bakarac killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Blažina, Rade 1905-1944

BANJOL. A town located on Rab Island.  The work Rab lists the following Partisans from the town killed during World War II: 

Bačić, Ivan 1918-1944
Brnabić, Petar 1909-1944
Godinić, Krsto 1910-1944
Godinić, Šime 1926-1944
Grce, Ivan 1919-1944
Ilijić, Krsto 1918-1945
Kaštelan, Žarko 1924-1945
Knežić, Ivan 1923-1944
Marijan, Franjo 1924-1945
Matušan, Ivan 1924-1944
Matušan, Josip 1912-1943
Pende, Ivan 1924-1944
Perkić, Franjo 1918-1944
Pičuljan, Ante 1927-1945
Pičuljan, Frane 1919-1944
Ribarić, Ante 1922-1944
Ribarić, Franjo 1914-1945
Ribarić, Ivan 1925-1943
Ribarić, Ljubo 1925-1944
Ribarić, Pave 1914-1944
Sušić Načeta, Ivan 1912-1944
Sušić Načeta, Krsto 1914-1944
Sušić Načeta, Petar 1913-1944
Španjol, Dragan 1923-1943
Štokalo, Joisp 1921-1944
Valovčić, Anđelo 1920-1944
Valovčić, Drago 1923-1944
Vrtodušić, Petar 1908-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of War from the town:

Debelić, Franjo 1939-1945
Debelić, Ivanica 1911-1945
Marjan, Josip 1910-1944
Padovan, Josip 1910-1944

BARRBAT.  A town on the Rab Island.  The work Rab lists the following Partisans from the town killed during World War II:

Andrić, Josip 1919-194
Debelić, Ivan 1920-?
Debelić, Josip 1922-1943
Debelić, Lovro 1908-?
Debelić, Petar 1919-?
Debelić, Šime 1921-1944
Deželjin, Ante 1910-1944
Deželjin, Josip 1921-1944
Deželjin, Stipe 1922-1944
Grce, Bare 1923-1944
Jureša, Ivan 1918-1944
Kaštelan, Franjo 1920-1944
Kaštelan, Josip 1924-1944
Kaštelan, Josip 1924-1945
Kordić, Ante 1922-?
Miknić, Mirko 1924-1944
Perkić, Josip 1920-1943
Perčinić, Marjan 1924-1944
Šimičić, Franjo 1915-1944
Štokalo, Stjepan 1913-1944
Štokalo, Pave 1924-1943
Štokić, Aleksandar 1924-1944
Štokić, Josip 1917-1943
Stokic, Josip 1912-1945
Travaš, Ivan 1922-1944
Žigo, Ivan 1922-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascism and of War from the town:

Kaštelan, Dinko 1928-?
Keko, Slavko 1926-?
Miknić, Nikola 1901-?
Peran, Marija 1926-?
Šimičić, Božo 1926-?
Šimičić, Petar 1898-1944

BAŠKA. A medieval town located in the southern portion of Krk Island. The World War II monument is located on a terrace overlooking the town's two-kilometre beach. The monument consists of a limestone wall pierced by a rectangular opening showing a young man in a sailor costume holding up his arms with a rifle in one hand. An older woman, apparently symbolizing a mother and clothed in mourning clothes, sits at the foot of the young man, looking down to the ground. The monument is topped with four words on both sides of the wall: "Borbi Slobodi Životu Novomu," which, roughly translated, means "In Struggle, For Freedom, With Life, To the New [Age]."



On one side of the wall stands a marble plaque listing the names of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War, with their respective birth and death dates.

The information provided for Partisans is as follows:

Barbalić Anđelo 1920-1941
Barbalić Dinko 1926-1943
Barbarlić Marijan 1921-1943
Bonefačić Marijan 1914-1943
Čubranić Dragutin 1925-1945
Dorčić Vinko 1907-1945
Dorčić Zlatan 1922-1944
Dujmović Anton 1923-1945
Hero Marijan 1921-1943
Jurić Drago 1920-1943
Kučar Franjo 1923-1944
Matejčić Ljubomir 1923-1944
Matejčić Mauricijo 1925-1944
Pahlić Vinko 1925-1944
Premuda Božo 1922-1943
Premuda Ivan 1919-1943
Vlasić Stanislav 1924-1944
Vukasović Anton 1921-1944
Vukasović Franjo 1924-1945

The information for the Victims of Fascist Terror is as follows:

Barbalić Anica 1864-1945
Barbalić Petar 1907-1944
Barbalić Vinko 1924-1944
Cubranić Franjo 1902-1945
Dorčić Ivan 1924-1943
Dorčić Marijan 1911-1944
Lolić Vinko 1899-1944
Maračić Zlatan 1926-1945
Matejčić Marijan 1906-1944
Mihalić Roman 1906-1945
Pajalić Ivan 1920-1943

BAŠĆANSKA DRAGA. A settlement on Krk Island, located in the interior of the Island near the town of Baška. A list of Partisans killed during the War from the village is found in volume 11 (1982) of Krčki zbornik:

Barečić, Ivan 1912-1943
Bogdešić, Bare 1920-1944
Dekanić, Klement 1908-1944
Dujmović, Klement 1911-1945
Dujmović, Roko 1914-1943
Frgačić, Ivan 1925-1943
Frgačić, Klementa 1907-1945
Frgačić, Nikola 1913-1944
Frgačić, Stanislav 1921-1944
Juranić, Dinko 1923-1943
Karlović, Dragutin 1927-1944
Seršić, Bare 1914-1944
Seršić, Ivan 1918-1944
Seršić, Stanislav 1923-1944
Štefanić, Anton 1924-1943
Štefanić, Bogumil 1923-1944
Štefanić, Mihovil 1916-1943
Štefanić Petar-Slavić 1925-1943
Tomašić, Ivan 1919-1944
Tomašić, Vladimir 1923-1943
Tomašić Joakim-Petar 1926-1943
Tomašić, Vjekoslav 1928-1943
Velnić Anton-Blaženko 1927-1943
Velnić, Fabijan 1923-1943
Velnić, Klement 1925-1944
Velnić, Josip 1914-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror

Dekanić, Anton 1926-1945
Derenčinović, Petar 1895-1944
Dujmović, Nikola 1927-1945
Frgačić, Fabijan 1927-1945
Frgačić, Klement 1912-1943
Sindičić, Petar 1897-1944
Seršić, Vinko 1905-1945
Šimanić, Ivan 1926-1944
Štefanić, Danijel 1905-1945
Tomašić, Mihovil 1896-1945

Primorska lists one additional Partisans from Baščanska Draga killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Štefanić, Josip 1924-1943

BELGRAD/KOSTELJ. A series of villages in the the Vinodol Valley near Crikvenica. Belgrad was mentioned in 1325. The World War II monument is on the Briber-Križišće road and consists of a wall topped by a star with three slabs attached. The middle slab notes that these are "Pali Borci u NOV 1941-1945" (Fallen Soldiers of the National Liberation Army 1941-1945).




The slabs to the left and the right list names without any further data, grouped by the hamlet where each person came from. The following names are listed:

Hamlets of Antonovo-Basunje:

Balas Mate
Balas Rudolf
Barbarić Ivan
Blašković Grgo
Citković Ivan
Citković Ivan
Karlić Nikola
Knez Branko
Mužević Ivan
Saftić Ivan

Hamlets of Baretići-Belgrad:

Blažičević Ivan
Gašparović Ivan
Gašparović Juraj
Gašparović Mate
Golac Ivan
Malinarić Juraj
Malinarić Stjepan
Pilas Stjepan

Hamlet of Blaškovići:

Blašković Vilim
Meleh Mate
Pilas Filip
Zakarija Branko

Hamlet of Kostelj:

Balas Ivan
Balas Ivan
Barac Drago
Blažičević Ivan
Brnčić Drago
Gašparović Ivica
Gojnić Stjepan
Golac Branko
Golac Ivan
Golac Stjepan
Golac Stjepan
Golac Vinko
Golac Zvonko
Knez Mate
Lusičić Anton
Meleh Juraj
Meleh Tomo
Mužević Ivan
Mužević Marijan
Novaković Ivan
Pilas Drago
Pilas Drago
Pilas Klemento
Pilas Mate
Zafaranić Tomo

BREGI. A village on the slopes of Mount Učka, above the town of Opatija. The work Gubici lists the following Partisans from the village killed during the War:

Andretić, Vjekoslav 1913-1945
Drašćić, Ivan 1927-1944
Dukić, Drago 1912-1944
Kacijanić, Mladen 1924-1945 - (note - see also the entry for Rijeka-Sušak, Steps of the
Executed 13)
Kinkela, Tomislav 1911-1945 - (note - see also the entry for Ičići)
Kranjac, Josip ?-?
Kućel, Milovan 1923-1945
Pošćić, Franjo 1904-1943
Pošćić, Franjo 1908-1944
Pošćić, Stojan 1925-1944
Puž, Dragutin 1908-1944
Puž, Franjo 1919-1944
Puž, Viktor 1926-1944
Svagljinac, Dušan 1919-1945 - (note - see also the entry for Rijeka-Susak, Steps of the
Executed 13)
Zgrablić, Srećko 1926-1943

BREZE. A village located near Klana. The work Gubici lists the following Partisans from the village killed during the War:

Jardas, Josip 1917-1944
Jardas, Miroslav 1925-1944
Matetić, Ivan 1923-1945
Matetić, Frane 1899-?

The same work lists one Victim of Fascist Terror from the village:

Jardas, Franjica ?-1942

BRIBIR. A town in the Vinodol Valley, located approximately 5 kilometers from Novi Vinodolski. The town was first mentioned in the 13th century and its representatives were signatories to the Vinodol Law (Vinodolski zakon). The tower of the former Frankopan castle dominates the main square of the town.

Bribir has a number of monuments to the victims of the Second World War, many of which are concentrated in the Park of Soldiers of the National Liberation War (Park Boraca NOR-a).






The park includes two busts on pedestals of two People's Heroes born in Bribir, Josip Skočilić (1915-2000, photo) and Toma Stržić (1906-1944, photo).

The main Partisan monument is located between these two pedestals and consists of a statue of a bomb-throwing Partisan (the work of Zvonko Car) on top of a pedestal which reads Palim Borcima za Oslobodjenje 1941-1945 (For Those Who Fell For Freedom 1941-1945) under a red star.

To the right of the monument, a white marble plaque lists the following names and data concerning Partisans killed during World War II:

Antonić V. Božidar 1922-1945
Antonić F. Franjo 1923-1942
Antonić J. Ivan 1928-1949
Antonić M. Ivan 1911-1945
Antonić V. Josip 1928-1945
Antonić N. Nada 1924-1943
Brozičević I. Ivan 1914-1943
Brozičević S. Stjepan 1907-1941
Brozović T. Ivan 1912-1943
Bukovec A. Nedeljko 1925-1944
Buneta J. Anton 1911-1942
Butorac A. Anton 1918-1943
Ćor I. Franjo 1919-1943
Ćor F. Ivan 1919-1944
Ćor M. Mladen 1927-1943
Ćor S. Srecko 1921-1944
Dorić P. Juraj 1914-1944
Dorić F. Mato 1919-1943
Drazić L. Dr. Ivan 1914-1944
Drazić S. Makso 1900-1942
Frančisković J. Hrvoje 1913-1944
Frković L. Ivan 1919-1944
Halić M. Mate 1923-1943
Jurčić A. Dragica 1910-1944
Jurčić S. Franjo 1925-1944
Jurčić P. Stanislav 1919-1943
Kalafatić I. Josip 1913-1943
Kleković I. Rudolf 1923-1943
Kombol S. Franjo 1922-1945
Kombol V. Josip 1915-1945
Kombol J. Juraj 1920-1943
Kombol P. Roko 1924-1944
Kovačić J. Juraj 1915-1945
Krajačič F. Mohovil 1921-1943
Kraljić J. Ivan 1921-1945
Krmpotić B. Ivan 1923-1943
Krmpotić B. Veseljko 1925-1943
Kršul I. Alojzij 1909-1945
Kršul B. Anton 1916-1942
Kršul J. Ivan 1922-1943
Kršul J. Josip 1922-1942
Kršul G. Mihovil 1921-1942
Kršul I. Roko 1923-1943
Ligatić M. Bertu 1922-1944
Lukatela M. Mirko 1906-1944
Martinčić J. Johana 1923-1943
Mavrinac J. Juraj 1922-1943
Mavrović M. Josip 1925-1947
Mikić M. Ivan 1921-1944
Mrsan J. Josip 1923-1943
Parac I. Ivan 1924-1945
Pecarić S. Ivan 1924-1943
Pipinić J. Josip 1922-1943
Pipinić M. Josip 1925-1945
Pozarić J. Ivan 1909-1942
Rukavina M. Nedeljko 1924-1944
Saftić B. Anton 1915-1943
Saftić I. Jerolim 1900-1945
Skočilić M. Josip 1922-1946
Skočilić S. Stjepan 1918-1943
Smojvir S. Stanislav 1923-1943
Spoja J. Franjo 1912-1943
Spoja J. Josip 1919-1943
Spoja D. Slavko 1923-1943
Stanić J. Josip 1921-1943
Stipec I. Ivan 1921-1943
Stipec L. Ivan 1921-1942
Stipec L. Mihovil 1925-1943
Stipcic J. Franciska 1916-1943
Strižić M. Marija 1926-1950
Strižić S. Slavko 1922-1942
Strižić R. Stjepan 1901-1946
Strižić S. Tomo 1906-1944
Suden I. Anton 1908-1943
Suden F. Ivan 1915-1945
Suden A. Josip 1925-1943
Šimac J. Henrik 1920-1945
Špalj F. Franjo 1924-1945
Špalj V. Vinko 1908-1945
Tomić V. Franjo 1922-1943
Tonković M. Franjo 1923-1943
Tonković D. Ivan 1922-1943
Tonković S. Jakov 1921-1943
Tuš S. Franciska 1920-1944
Tuš J. Ivan 1923-1945
Tuš J. Josip 1925-1943
Tuš V. Nikola 1920-1942
Varelija M. Mato 1923-1942
Veljačić M. Anica 1901-1943
Veljačić I. Ivan 1913-1944
Veljačić I. Ivan 1924-1946
Veljačić I. Petar 1899-1945
StrižćićM. Zlatko 1920-1944

To the left of the monument, a white marble plaque lists the following names and data concerning the Victims of Fascism:

Antonić V. Josip 1914-1942
Antonić V. Miroslav 1921-1942
Barišić I. Johana 1895-1944
BarišićR. Ljubica 1913-1942
Benić V. Josip 1925-1942
Brozičević M. Nikola 1922-1942
Ćor I. Katarina 1921-1942
Ćor J. Zora 1894-1944
Ćorić P. Zdenka 1904-1944
Dorić A. Katarina 1917-1942
Dorić P. Pavao 1876-1943
Jurčić N. Josip 1918-1944
Kalafatić J. Ana 1885-1944
Kalafatić F. Josip 1941-1944
Kalafatić S. Katarina 1921-1943
Kombol I. Mihovil 1913-1942
Kovačić I. Ivan 1922-1945
Kovačić J. Juraj 1880-1944
Kovačić V. Marija 1878-1944
Krajačič B. Mate 1861-1944
Krajačič J. Pavao 1897-1948
Krmpotić B. Marija 1927-1942
Kršul M. Lucija 1870-1944
Kraljić F. Josip 1919-1942
Marinčić T. Andrija 1894-1944
Marinčić I. Josip 1872-1944
Markelić V. Vinko 1938-1945
Marinčić F. Katarina 1874-1944
Mazor J. Damir 1941-1943
Mazor J. Eva 1913-1943
Pavletić D. Josip 1931-1945
Petrović F. Stefanija 1882-1942
Pipinić B. Božica 1921-1942
Saftić B. Marija 1924-1944
Skočilić F. Marija 1869-1944
Skočilić F. Vicka 1901-1944
Spoja T. Katarina 1888-1944
Spoja M. Ljubo 1937-1944
Stipec G. Nikola 1924-1943
Tomić T. Tome 1919-1945
Tonković M. Božo 1934-1943
Tonković M. Josip 1937-1943
Tonković M. Jelena 1883-1942
Tonković S. Ljubica 1919-1942
Tonković G. Marija 1921-1942
Tonković R. Marija 1884-1944
Tonković D. Mirko 1894-1944
Tonković M. Nedeljko 1921-1944
Veljačić I. Rafael 1915-1942

Nearby, the town cemetery of Bribir contains a number of monuments to those killed during the War, including a "Partisan Cemetary."






One memorial is dedicated to the memory of 31 women and girls killed (photo), placed on the spot where, on October 15, 1942 Italian Fascists executed Jelena Tonković with her 9 year old daughter Ljubica and Katarina Dorić who was 9 months pregnant.

A memorial wall in the cemetary, erected in 2003, commemorates the Victims of Fascist Terror.

Outside of Bribir, a road leads to Lukovo, the site of one of the first and most important Partisan camp or logor in Croatia. A number of general monuments can be found on the site.

BRNELIĆI/MILAŠ. Hamlets in the hinterland of Rijeka, near Jelenje. On the night of 1 and 2 March 1943, Partisans ambushed an Italian patrol at a spot known as Fajč located near both hamlets. An Italian officer and a solider were killed and two were wounded. In retaliation, the next day, 3 March 1943, Italian forces entered both villages and picked out nine men. Reports note that the men were surrounded by machine guns and told to run. They were killed while running. Their bodies were buried on the spot by the local townspeople. Afterwards, over 200 buildings in both hamlets were destroyed and approximately 750 people from the hamlets were interned by the Italians.


A monument commemorating this event stands some ways back from the road and contains the names and birthdates of those executed on a white marble slab. A cross to the left of the slab has replaced a star which had previously been placed on the monument. The monument is dated 27 July 1973. The slab contains a simple poem: O slobode draga/ Vrednija od zlata/ Zašto se do tebe/ Nemože bez rata (O freedom dear/Worthier than gold/Why is getting to you/Impossible without war).

The names and information of those killed are as follows:

Brnelić F. Ivan Born 11 November 1924
Brnelić M. Ivan Born 24 December 1905
Brnelić M. Stjepan Born 20 August 1907
Brnelić J. Pijo Born 4 May 1896
Katić F. Fabijan Born 20 January 1903
Katić A. Ivan Born 26 January 1896
Kukuljan J. Ivan Born 7 February 1906
Marsanić M. Martin Born 23 September 1903
Silić A. Josip Born 3 September 1895

In addition to the foregoing, the work Grobinština contains the following list of Partisans killed during the War from Brnelići and Milaši:

Brnelić, Stanko 1905-1942
Katić, Bogomir 1924-1944
Kukuljan, Kuzma 1893-1943
Maršanić, Vjekoslav 1918-1945
Silić, Franjo 1906-1943
Silić, Josip 1924-1943
Silić, Mate 1911-1945
Silić, Milan 1920-1944
Zoretić, Ivan 1919-1942

The same work lists these additional Victims of Fascist Terror from Brnelići and Milaši:

Brnelić, Betica 1941-1942
Galjanić, Franjo 1892-1942
Juretić, Mima 1872-1942
Katić, Jovana 1882-?
Katić, Kata 1877-?
Katić, Krešimir 1916-?
Silić, Grga 1892-1942

Švob further mentions the following persons from the hamlets who were executed by Fascist forces:

Gafanić, Fran 1942
Silić, Franjo 1941
Silić, Miha 1942
Silić, Zlatka 1942

BROD NA KUPI. A town in the Gorski kotar, it dates from the 17th century and is located on the Kupa River, across from Slovenia.

According to Švob, the following persons from Brod na Kupi were executed in the years shown by Fascist forces:

Bauer, Ante 1942
Beljan, Ivan 1942
Cigrovski, Diburci 1942
Glad, Ivan 1942
Klepac, Ivan 1942
Ofak, Matija 1942
Ozanić, Juraj 1942

Primorsko lists the following Partisans from Brod na Kupi killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Abramović, Cvetko 1921-1944
Dvoršak, Josip 1920-1944
Jakovac, Dragutin 1915-1944
Jakovac, Slavko 1906-1945
Klobučar, Stanko ?-?
Ožanić, Josip 1920-1944

BROD MORAVICE.  A township (općina) located in the Gorski kotar, the town stands on the Kupa River, across the border from Slovenia.

The town’s World War II monument stands in the town park, across from the parish church.  It consists of a granite wall on which are surmounted black marble slabs listing the names of those Partisans from the area killed during the War.  The coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia has been placed in the middle of the monument.

The names listed and the date of birth of each is as follows (the dates of death are found in Primorsko):

Abramović, Slavko 1919
Burić, Ivan 1900
Burić, Ivan 1909
Brajdić, Andrija 1909
Brajdić, Stefanija 1920
Cetinski, Ivan 1925-1944
Delač, Anton 1910
Delač, Dragutin 1923
Delač, Vladimir 1924
Federber, Rudolf 1909
Golik, Ivan 1924
Grgurić, Andrija 1919
Jakovac, Anton 1914
Jakovac, Dragutin 1916
Jurković, Ivan 1916
Jurković, Josip 1914
Kavran, Milutin 1919
Klobučar, Ivan 1919
Klobučar, Viktor 1921
Kvaternik, Ivan 1924
Mance, Slavko 1922
Naglić, Tomo 1923-1944
Naglić, Ferdinand 1923
Naglić, Marko 1925
Naglić, Viktor 1913
Pirsl, Anton 1921
Pirsl, Dragutin 1920-1945
Pirsl, Kazimir 1926
Svast, Franjo  1908
Šneperger, Matija 1909
Šporčić, Ivan 1905
Šporčić, Rudolf 1913-1944
Šporčić, Slavko 1924
Štajduhar, Andrija 1912-1944
Štajduhar, Dragutin 1925-1944
Štajduhar, Franjo 1901
Štajduhar, Rudolf 1891
Štefančić, Pavao 1918
Turković, Anton 1920
Žagar, Ivan 1912

Primorsko also lists Ante Štajduhar (1912-1944) as having been killed during the War.

According to Švob, the following persons from Brod Moravice were executed in the years shown by Fascist forces:

Kvaternik, Josip Sr. 1942
Mance, Antun 1942
Padavić, Ivan 1942

The World War II Monument in Brod Moravice states that 16 persons were Victims of Fascist Terror but does not list their names.

BRSEČ. A medieval settlement on a high hill overlooking the Adriatic, located below Mount Učka. A plaque at the entrance to the town commemorates the landing of the 4th Yugoslav Army (which had formally been the NOVH) in April 1945 on the beach below the town.


The work Gubici lists the following Partisans from the village killed during the War:

Barković, Ivan 1905-?
Galović, Anton 1901-1945
Galović, Andre 1914-1945
Jurinović, Ivan 1902-1945
Premuž, Anton 1914-1944
Škalamera, Ivan 1925-1944
Valčić, Eugenija 1909-?
Velčić, Josip 1891-?
Velčić, Vladimir 1919-1945

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the town:

Galović, Vjekoslav 1907-1945
Hrelja, Ivan 1909-?
Hrelja, Vjekoslav 1909-?
Uhač, Franjo 1889-1945

BRZAC. A settlement located on the western part of the island of Krk. A list of Partisans killed during the War from the village is found in volume 16 (1986) of Krčki zbornik:

Galović, Josip
Milohnić, Ivan
Rušin, Josip
Rušin, Josip
Skočigorić, Ivan
Skočigorić, Tugomil
Zec, Anton
Zec, Antun
Zec, Ivan
Zec, Marijan
Zec, Menković

BUZDOHANJ. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik. The work Grobinština lists the following Partisans from the village killed during the War:

Čargonja, Berto 1908-1943
Gizdulić, Metod 1889-1943
Gizdulić, Milan 1923-1943
Ivanušić, Berto 1903-1944
Katić, Krsto 1903-1943
Livelić, Ljubomir 1908-?
Mavrinac, Franjo 1917-1943
Miculinić, Vitomir 1926-1944
Mikovčić, Stjepan 1914-1943
Mohorić, Bartol 1923-1944
Pelčić, Ivan 1923-1944
Plečić, Ivan 1925-1943
Rak, Anton 1922-1944
Rak, August 1915-1943
Rak, Cvetko 1923-1944
Rak, Franjo 1925-1943
Rak, Josip 1919-1944
Rak, Josip 1906-1944
Reljac, Andrija 1899-1943
Reljac, Cvetko 1919-1944
Reljac, Ivan 1919-1944
Reljac, Josip 1923-1944
Reljac, Zdravko 1922-1944
Sobotinčić, Dragutin 1904-1945
Žagar, Dragutin 1904-1943

The work further gives the name of one Victim of Fascist Terror from the village:

Perušić, Josip 1901-1944

The same work further lists the following Victim of War from the village:

Čargonja, Klementa 1914-1944

ČABAR.  Čabar consists of a number of villages and settlements, including Gorači (which consists of the hamlets of Majer, Zumpri, Šusica, Rešmani, Kavaliria, Juranka, Repnik, Hudolini, Benki, Tuški, Janeši, Makovci, Opajki, Plješći, Kosorogi, Adami, Germanci, Dolina, Hrib Muhovci) and Gornji Žagari (which includes the hamlets of Potok, Vahtari Luka, Župani, Kukce, and Selnički).

The main monument for the township (općina) of Čabar dates from 1975 and consists of a white marble wall on which are placed a sculpture of a woman holding a dead person and broze reliefs.  Another monument in the town itself notes that it honor the 402 Partisans from Čabar killed during the War.








A plaque on the Home of the 43rd Division in the town, dated 29 August 1964, commemorates the establishment of the 43rd Istrian Division on 29 August 1944.  The Division primarly consisted of Croats and some Italians from the Istrian Peninsula.

According to the work Čabar, the following persons from the town were killed as Partisans during World War II:

Čop, Josip 1921-1944
Frbežar, Ivan ?-1944
Hudolin, Ivan 1914-?
Hudolin, Rudolf 1913-1943
Janeš, Vinko 1925-1943
Kavalir, Josip 1922-1944
Kovač, Ivan 1902-1943
Križ, Antun 1923-1944
Križ, Josip 1923-1944
Križ, Milan 1923-1944
Križ, Miroslav 1915-1944
Levec, Antun 1909-1943
Malnar, Filip 1914-1944
Ožbolt, Antun 1879-?
Ožbolt, Ivan 1913-1942
Ožbolt, Miroslav 1922-1944
Pajnić, Vjekoslav 1920-1943
Poje, Blaž 1911-1943
Poje, Florijan 1922-1943
Rajšel, Josip 1909-1944
Rajšel, Josip 1925-1944 (see also Mrkopalj - Matić poljane)
Repinc, Franjo 1914-1945
Šebalj, Petar 1922-1944
Štimac, Ludvig 1919-1943
Troha, Franjo 1917-1943
Trope, Antun 1917-1944
Trope, Franjo 1913-1943
Trope, Slavko 1921-1944
Turk, Antun 1924-1943
Turk, Franjo 1923-1943
Turk, Josip 1925-1943
Urh, Josip 1908-1944
Volf, Filip 1924-1943
Volf, Florijan 1895-1943
Zbašnik, Franjo 1926-1943
Žagar, Antin 1915-1943
Žagar, Vinko 1922-1943
Žagar, Vladimir 1923-1943
Žurga, Josip 1913-1944

Primorsko also lists the following Partisans from Čabar who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goransko Brigade killed during the War:

Blažević, Jakov ?-?
Repinc, Ivan 1920-1945
Trope, Ante 1913-1944

The work Čabar also lists the following Victims of Fascism and of War from the town:

Bavec, Antun 1885-1942
Brovet, Marija 1910-1944
Čadeš, Filip 1913-1943
Čadeš, Franjo 1899-1942
Čadeš, Josip 1906-1942
Eržen, Jakov 1904-1942
Eržen, Josip 1906-1942
Eržen, Jakov 1904-1942
Eržen, Josip 1920-1942
Eržen, Marija 1902-1944
Eržen, Vjekoslav 1920-1942
Hudolin, Marija 1918-1945
Hudolin, Vjekoslav 1920-1942
Hudolin, Ljudevit  1922-1943
Hudolin, Zorka 1911-1944
Janeš, Antun 1920-1942
Janeš, Antun 1922-1942
Janeš, Antun 1898-1942
Janeš, Antun 1919-1942
Janeš, Filip 1921-1942
Janeš, Ivan 1920-1942
Janeš, Josip  1924-1942
Janeš, Vjekoslav 1926-1942
Klepac, Franjo 1902-1942
Korošec, Bogdan 1922-1942
Korošec,  Valentin ?-1942
Kovač, Anton ?-1942
Kovač, Ivan 1909-1942
Malnar, Marija 1896-1942
Mihelić, Ivan 1926-1943
Mlakar, Franjo 1920-1942
Mlakar, Franjo 1896-1942
Ožbolt, Franjo 1874-1944
Ožbolt, Josip 1892-1942
Poje, Josipa 1922-1944
Šebalj, Grga 1902-1942
Štimac, Antun 1921-1942
Štimac, Franjo 1923-1942
Štimac, Franjo 1899-1942
Troha, Antun 1915-1942
Troha, Antgun 1915-1942
Troha, Antun 1923-1942
Troha, Franjo 1914-1942
Troha, Ivan 1914-1942
Troha, Ivan 1879-1942
Troha, Ivan 1911-1942
Troha, Ivan 1897-1942
Troha, Slavko 1923-1942
Troha, Zdravko 1909-1942
Turk, Filip 1915-1942
Turk, Franjica 1910-1944
Turk, Jakov 1874-1944
Turk, Marko 1890-1942
Turk, Milka 1887-1945
Turk, Nevenka 1929-1944
Turk, Roman 1899-1942
Turk, Valentin 1905-1942
Vesel, Josip 1915-1942
Volf, Franjica 1861-1942
Volf, Marija 1897-?
Zbašnik, Antun 1924-1942
Zbašnik, Antun 1899-1942
Zbašnik, Franjo ?-1942
Zbašnik, Ivan 1902-1942
Zbašnik, Milan 1895-1942
Žagar, Ivan 1902-1942
Zagar, Joza 1921-1942

See also the lisiting under Kampor for victims from Čabar killed in that concentration camp.

ČAVLE. The main town in the township (općina) of the same name, it is located off the main Rijeka-Zagreb highway, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik. The work Grobinština lists the following Partisans from the town killed during the War:

Broznić, Rumano 1913-1944
Butković, Milan 1922-1944
Fućak, Šanto 1891-1943
Fućak, Zvonko 1927-1943
Haramija, Franjo 1922-?
Haramija, Zdenko 1926-1943
Juričić, Dinko 1922-1943
Kamenar, Anton 1926-1944
Kamenar, Stanko 1898-1943
Linić, Josip 1898-1942
Linić, Vinko 1924-1943
Margetić, Anton 1923-1943
Mavrinac, Cvetko 1920-1943
Mavrinac, Ivan 1923-1943
Mavrinac, Matija 1904-1943
Mavrinac, Slavko 1909-1943
Mavrinac, Vladimir 1905-1944
Milolov, Toma 1897-1943
Mohorić, Andjel 1913-1944
Perušić, Josip 1919-1942
Šepić, Anton 1896-1941
Škaron, Milan 1919-1945
Zaharija, Anton 1903-1944
Žganjer, Branko 1925-1943
Žeželić, Zvonko 1914-1945


The same work further lists the following Victim of War from the town:

Manjgotić, Edmond 1880-1945

Primorsko further lists the following Partisans from Čavle killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Mohorić, Bartol 1925-1945
Palčić, Ivan 1923-1944
Reljac, Ivan 1919-?
Rok, August 1924-1943

Butorović further lists the following pre-War members of the SKH or SKOJ killed during the War from the town:

Broznić, Cvetko
Srića, Ivan-Milan

CERNIK. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik. The work Grobinština lists the following Partisans from the village killed during the War:

Ban, Slavko 1919-1944
Ćiković, Ivan 1913-1943
Juretić, Toma 1914-1943
Lambaša, Anton 1924-1943
Lambaša, Milan 1919-1942
Linić, Edmond 1887-1943
Margetić, Tito 1921-1944
Mavrinac, Franjo 1919-1945
Mavrinac, Ivan 1911-1944
Miculinić, Blaž 1910-1945
Miculinić, Dragutin 1914-1942 (note - also known as Josip)
Miculinić, Desnaka 1927-1944
Miculinić, Ljubomir 1907-1943
Miculinić, Toma 1909-1942
Miculinić, Vilim 1929-1944
Mohorić, Anton 1925-1943
Mohorić, Stanko 1900-1943
Piberčnik, Milan 1923-1945
Sobotinčić, Dušan 1904-1944
Sobotinčić, Marcelo 1921-1943
Špoljarić, Branko 1923-1944
Vlašić, Dragutin 1913-1943
Vlašić, Dušan 1921-1944
Vlašić, Stanko 1904-1943
Zaharija, Zdravko 1925-1943
Žeželić, Davor 1923-1944
Žeželić, Dragutin 1922-1944
Žeželić, Dragutin 1924-1944
Žeželić, Josip 1908-1944
Žeželić, Nikola 1904-1943
Žeželić, Stanislav 1922-1944
Žeželić, Viktor 1903-1944

The same work gives lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from Cernik:

Domijani, Rikardo 1886-1943
Grudiček, Nevenka 1908-1945
Juretić, Ivan 1886-1943
Lambaša, Franjo 1931-1943
Perušić, Zvanica 1915-?
Vlašić, Ivan 1877-1945

The work further lists the following Victim of War from Cernik:

Čabrijan, Anjula 1876-1945

CRIKVENICA. A town on the Croatian Littoral, it stands at the center of the Crikvenica Riviera. The town is named after the church of the former medieval Paulist monastery. The monastery was later turned into a school where poet Vladimir Nazor, the first President of ZAVNOH, taught for a time. A monument to Nazor stands in a nearby park.

Near the harbor stands a monument to Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War. The monument is in the form of an open book and lists the names and birth and death dates of each person. The information for the Partisans set forth on the monument is as follows:

Andres Ivan Leon 1919-1944
Barac Vicko Mato 1914-1944
Barac Vicko Bolfo 1915-1943
Benić Fabijan Ivan 1913-1944
Benić Fabijan Albin 1917-1945
Benić Fabijan Smiljsko 1922-1943
Bockaj Mirko Dragutin 1926-1944
Brnjac Josip Josip 1911-1943
Bockaj Mato Mirko 1924-1943
Brozičević Petar Ivan 1923-1944
Brozičević Miha Marko-Živko 1907-1945
Brozičević Mihovil Branko 1898-1945
Brandsteter Jakov Ervin 1921-1944
Brnjac Eduard Luka 1912-1943
Brusić Milan Boris 1921-1944
Bughofer Đuro Juraj 1920-1943
Bughofer Đuro Anton 1911-1943
Car Šimun-Kruljac 1927-1943
Car Jakov Ivan 1928-1945
Car Tomo Ljuboslav 1914-1944
Car Dragutin Nikola-Črni 1909-1942
Car Stanko Nikola 1924-1943
Car Šimun Ivan 1913-1943
Car Ivan Luka 1921-1943
Car Augustin Ivan 1924-1943
Car Nikola Vlado 1920-1943
Car Ivan Marijan 1925-1944
Car Mihovil Petar 1885-1945
Car Ivan Marijan 1920-1945
Car Marijan Franjo 1921-1941
Car Josip Mate 1915-1944
Car Lovro Petar 1910-1945
Car Ivan Simun 1925-1945
Car Ivan Ivan 1916-1945
Car Ivan Dragutin 1924-1945
Car Ivan Ivan 1907-1945
Cvetić Marko Vitomir 1926-1943
Čiković Anton Franjo 1909-1945
Čubranović Klemento Franjo 1902-1944
Dračić Nikola Nikola 1910-1945
Car Petra Petar - Kabalin 1914-1944
Ek Emil Emil 1921-1945
Ercegović Sveto Josip 1913-1942
Grzičić Juraj Juraj 1923-1944
Ivančić Stjepan Nikola 1921-1944
Ivančić Stjepan Marijan 1923-1943
Jurinčić Šimun Šimun 1925-1943
Knez Franjo Vojko 1919-1945
Katnic Augustin Augustin 1923-1943
Katnić Josip Ivan 1923-1945
Katnić Mato Adolf 1924-1943
Katnić Ernest Ernesto 1917-1944
Kovac Ivan Ivan 1903-1943
Lovrić Nikola Josip 1907-1945
Lusičić Ivan Branko 1925-1945
Matejčić Mate Tomo 1916-1943
Matejčić Josip Nikola 1913-1943
Ornik Djuro Dragutin 1925-1944
Petito Ivan Anton 1912-1944
Radil Albert Dragutin 1925-1944
Slaviček Andrija Josip 1897-1943
Stojić Nikola Luka 1909-1943
Stojić Luka Ivan 1916-1944
Stojić Nikola Nikola 1924-1944
Super Josip Oldrich 1923-1943
Šegota Nikola Bozo 1905-1945
Smiljan Ivan Miljenko 1925-1945
Vičić Aleksandar Ivica 1922-1943
Zvinek Nikita Nikola 1917-1945
Župan Bartol Pavle 1907-1942
Župan Jakov Pavle 1919-1943

The information provided for the Victims of Fascist Terror is as follows:

Dvorinić Mato Mato 1921-
Kostrenčić Ivan Šimun 1916-1943
Matijević Kazimir Ivica 1912-
Sobol Anton Dr. Ivan 1885-1941

Next to the above monument stands a statue in honor of those killed, the work of Zvonko Car. A further monument, consisting of a flat stone slab, honors those killed from the 4th Yugoslav Army (the former NOVH) who died in the liberation of the town. A cross is a recent addition to this 1959 monument.







At a nearby park which runs parralel with the seaside promenade stand the busts of Franjo Car (1921-1941) and Dr. Ivan Sobol (1885-1941), the work of sculptor Zvonko Car. Dr. Sobol, a local physician, secretly provided medical supplies to the Partisans operating in the area. On 26 December 1941, an Italian Military Court sentenced Dr. Sobol and Franjo Car, both from Crikvenica, and four workers from Dalmatia, Ivan Bilić, Božo Šubašić, Matko Šubašić and Mirko Vidović, to death. The sentence was carried out within an hour of the Court's perfunctory decision.

In the town cemetery stands a monument to National Hero Nikola Car-Črni (1910-1942). A veteran of the Spanish Civil War, Car was killed in a skirmish with Italian forces on 5 July 1942 as commander of the II Primorska-Goranska Partisan Unit. The monument is next to the Car family grave, and consists of a bust (the work of Zvonko Car) placed on a pillar. A plaque marking the spot where Car was killed stands on a curve of the old Rijeka-Zagreb road.

CRNI LUG. A town in Gorski kotar. The World War II monument is in the center of town and sets forth the names and birth and death dates of Partisans killed during the War. The monument consists of a stylized concrete wall on which are placed three plaques setting forth those killed. The monument dates from 1951.


The information given for the Partisans killed is as follows:

Abramović Ivan 1920-1944
Abramović Jakov 1919-1944
Abramović Stjepan 1925-1943
Blažević Antun 1897-1943
Briški Albert 1915-1944
Eder Josip 1926-1945
Hrg Ivan 1925-1944
Knaus Radovan 1920-1944
Kovač Franjo 1909-1943
Kovač Petar 1922-1942
Kovač Stjepan 1924-1945
Kruljić Ivan 1914-1944
Kruljić Vladimir 1923-1943
Malnar Matija 1920-1944
Malnar Anton 1916-1945
Malnar Jakov 1922-1944
Mrle Anton 1917-1945
Mrle Roman 1927-1944
Ožbolt Anton 1912-1944
Pintar Jakov 1922-1942
Pintar Rudolf 1899-1943
Pintar Vitomir 1921-1943
Raukar Nikola 1922-1944
Šafar Ivan 1923-1943
Šafar Josip 1904-1944
Šafar Matija 1912-1943
Štimac Matija 1920-1943
Štimac Viktor 1910-1944
Talan Stjepan 1925-1944
Tijan Miho 1909-1944
Tijan Rafael 1925-1944
Tomac Anton 1922-1943
Vesel Karlo 1909-1943

Švob provides the names and dates of death of the following people from Crni Lug (as well as the hamlets of Sibrlička and Kovačev Laz) executed by Fascist forces:

Janeš, Antun July 1942
Janeš, Antun, Jr. July 1942
Kruljić, Ivan July 1942
Markovčić, Branko July 1942
Markovčić, Ivan July 1942
Markovčić, Josip July 1942
Šafar, Josip July 1942
Šafar, Stjepan July 1942
Štimac, Miho July 1942
Tomac, Ivan July 1942

Primorsko also lists the following Partisan from the town killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Battalion:

Ohmanović, Jakov 1929-1944

DELNICE. The largest town in the Gorski kotar. The local cemetery contains a Partisan monument and crypt. The crypt is in the shape of a square on which sits a large white star which faces the sky. The grave contain the remains of 51 unknown soldiers of the 13th Primorska-goranska Division, the 43rd Istrian Division and the Ljubljana Brigade. Also buried there are the graves of three People's Heroes, all born in Delnice: Ivan Lenac (1906-1945), Zdenko Petranović (1919-1942) and Milan Rustanbeg (1914-1944).








The cemetery separately contains the graves of Nikola Šipek (1913-1941) and Vera Vejvoda (1915-1941) who were killed 20 October 1941 at Presiki in the first skirmish in the Gorski kotar between Croat Partisans and Italians. Vejvoda, born in the Czech Republic, had been a volunteer with Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War. She married Ivan Vejvoda, a Croat from Karlovac who also fought in Spain and became a Partisan commander. Vera Vejvoda left behind a small child who lives today in Rijeka.

There are also a number of memorial plaques found in Delnice. The Radnički dom contains a plaque dating from 1951 which, among other things, honors, Stanko Majnarić who had fought in the Partisans. Another plaque on another building in Delnice, dated 10 October 1951, honors the memory of Ivan Pleše and Franjo Andlar who had been killed during the War.

Švob provides the names and date of death of the following people from Delnice (as well as the hamlet of Marija Trošt) executed by Fascist forces:

Andlar, Andrija-Šigaščov September 1942
Andlar, Franc-Franić 5 December 1941
Klarić, Vinko April 1942
Majnarić, Drago - Markasov September 1942
Majnarić, Nikola-Nežičin September 1942
Petranović, Dušan-Čebanov September 1942
Pleše, Ivan-Lenkasin 13 February 1942
Plenk, Matija 13 February 1942

Primorsko lists the following Partisans from Delnice killed during the War who fought in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Andlar Anton 1926-1945
Blaž, Matija 1926-1945
Bosnić, Nikola 1923-1943
Burić, Ivan 1910-1945
Delac, Dragutin 1923-1944
Donkovac, Antin ?-1943
Ferderber, Rudolf 1909-1944
Gašparac, Ivan 1923-1943
Grgurić, Matija 1925-1944
Jakovac, Anton 1914-1944
Jakovac, Grga 1905-1944
Jurković, Josip 1914-1943
Kezele, Josipa 1925-1944
Kezele, Pepica 1926-1944
Klarić, Josip 1907-1945
Klobučar, Ivan 1919-1945
Kostić, Anton 1909-1943
Levar, Gabro 1921-1944
Lisac, Juro 1911-1943
Matija, Albert 1922-1943
Mihelčić , Ivan 1912-1943
Naglić, Ferdinand 1924-1945
Petranović, Dušan 1923-1942
Rački, Valentin 1927-1944
Skender, Josip 1927-1943
Šafar, Ivan 1923-1943
Štimac, Juraj 1913-1944
Štimac, Stipe ?-?
Tomić, Vjeko 1928-1943
Tomić, Grga 1924-1943
Turk, Ivan 1926-1944 (see also Mrkopalj - Matić Poljane)
Žagar, Ivan 1924-1944

DOBRINJ. A town located in the interior of the island of Krk. During World War II, Dobrinj became notable for being the site of the destruction of one of Croatia's cultural treasures.

The parish church of St. Stephen (Sv. Stjepan) dates from 1100. Its bell tower dated from 1725. It became a target of purposeful cultural destruction by occupying German troops on 3 August 1944. The day marks the feast of St. Stephen, a day celebrated by the entire town. A description of what occurred can be found in a short article which appeared in the 1952 issue of Krčki kalendar (Almanac of Krk), published in New York: "Word of the arrival of Germans from several sides dampened happiness like lightning from the sky. Soldiers storm into houses . . . And the poor people once again feel on their shoulders the brutality of the occupier's boots. Some are taken to be imprisoned, others are forced out of the town, while still others are locked in the mined bell tower. Among them are Josip and Antun Variola and Ivica Brušić. They are each called out, a bullet set aside for each of them . . . . Afterwards they were thrown into a 30 meter deep pit. A little later, a terrible detonation broke through the air. The bell tower had been destroyed. Afterwards, they removed from the rubble the unconscious Antun Pavičić and Ivica Brušić, Sr. who remained alive thanks to nothing but luck. Praise be be to God, even if only for two of them."

Švob lists the following individual from Dobrinj as having been executed by Fascist forces in 1942:

Variola, Ivica

Primorsko lists the following Partisans from Dobrinj and certain surrounding villages killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Garanska Brigade:

Car, Milan ?-1944
Franki, Josip ?-1943
Gržetić, Anton 1917-1944
Gržetić, Ivan 1922-1944
Gržetić, Nikola 1922-1944
Pavačić, Josip 1924-1944

DONJI ZAGON. A village in the hinterland of Novi Vinodolski settled in the 17th century. A black marble plaque in the town's cemetery honors a dozen unknown members of the 14th Strike (Udarni) Brigade of the 19th Dalmatian Udarna Division. The plaque contains a poem of Jure Kaštelan. The plaque is dated 16 April 1975.

After an attack on Italian forces near the chapel of Sv. Anton (St. Anthony) (the chapel was destroyed in the 1970s after the road to Novi Vinodolski was widened), which attack is marked by a plaque, on 4 June 1942 Italian forces imprisoned most of those they could then find in the village (totaling 56 people), 49 of whom were taken to Italian camps. Articles in Vindolski zbornik state that 10 people from the village died as Partisans and 16 were Victims of Facsist Terror.



According to Božo Jovanović in his "Omladina Donjeg Zagona" (the Youth of Donji Zagon), which appeared in volume 5 of Vinodolski zbornik (1988), the following youth from Donji Zagon were killed as Partisans during the War on the dates listed:

Baričević, Dragan 1944
Baričević, Ivan 1943
Baričević, Mate 1943
Baričević, Mijat 1943
Baričević, Nikola 1943
Deranja, Mijat 1943
Deranja, Pave 1943
Peričić, Nikola 1943

Others from Donji Zagon listed in the work who were killed by Fasist forces are as follows (these are likely considered to be Victims of Fascist Terror):

Jovanović, Mladenka 1943
Peričić, Ivan 1942
Rubčić, Pave 1942
Rubčić, Žarko 1944

DRAMALJ.  A village on the Croatian Littoral, near Crikvenica, it was known as Sv. Jelena (St. Helen) prior to World War II.  A monument to Partisans and their supporters is found in the local cemetery which lists the following names and their date of deaths (the date of birth for Krešo Domijan comes from Primorsko):

Blažić, Andrija 1944
Car, Anđelko  1944
Car, Branko  1944
Car, Franjo  1944
Car, Ivan  1945
Domijan, Berislav 1945
Domijan, Božo 1944
Domijan, Ivan  1945
Domijan Krešo 1921-1943
Domijan, Mate 1945
Domijan, Miroslav 1943
Domijan, Stanko 1943
Domijan, Stanko 1944
Domijan, Stjepan 1945
Domijan, Vlatko 1944
Domijan, Vlatko 1945
Jurić, Ivan  1945
Jurišić, Agustin 1943
Klausberger, Anton 1945
Košuljandić, Josip 1945
Košuljandić, Cvetko 1944
Košuljandić, Petar 1944
Manestar, Ivan  1944
Manestar, Ivan  1945
Manestar, Milivoj 1945
Manestar, Srđan 1944
Manestar, Tomica 1944
Manestar, Vladimir 1945
Mužević, Ivan  1944
Mužević, Josip 1944
Mužević, Milovan 1942
Mužević, Petar 1944
Mužević, Stjepan 1943



DRASTIN. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik. The work Grobinština lists the following Partisans from the village killed during the War:

Pokrajc, Stanko 1920-1945
Valić, Slavko 1922-1943

DRAŽICE. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik. The work Grobinština lists the following Partisans from the village killed during the War:

Ban, Dragan 1925-1944
Ban, Josip 1921-1943
Ban, Vinko 1923-1943
Bradač, Alojz 1911-1945
Grabar, Franjo 1921-1943
Grabar, Grga 1903-1943
Grabar, Vilim 1916-1943
Grbar, Zvonko 1922-1944
Grlaš, Andjeo 1923-1944
Grlaš, Josip-Pepe 1923-1943
Grlaš, Milan 1920-1043
Grlaš, Nardo 1906-1943
Grlaš, Romano 1910-1943
Hatežić, Julio 1923-1943
Hlača, Drago 1912-1942
Hlača, Romano 1911-1943
Hlača, Vinko 1913-?
Juretić, Benjamin 1922-1943
Juretić, Mate 1915-1943
Klić, Dolfo 1913-1943
Klić, Dušan 1924-1943
Klić, Mate 1923-1943
Klić, Stanko 1907-1944
Kukuljan, Kosta 1907-1943
Lukanić, Marijan 1928-1943
Lukanić, Miroslav 1910-1944
Mikulić, Božo 1924-1945
Mikulić, Ivan 1926-1944
Pilčić, Branko 1920-1943
Pilčić, Anđeo 1923-1944
Sudan, Anđeo 1926-1943
Sudan, Dragan 1921-1944
Sudan, Drago 1907-1943
Sudan, Franjo 1922-1944
Sudan, Milan 1923-1944
Sudan, Milan 1931-1945
Šimac, Josip-Pepe 1923-1944
Šimac, Milutin 1924-1944
Timotijević, Milan-Rusić 1923-1944
Trahlić, Dane 1911-1944
Valić, Adam 1899-1943
Valić, Ivan 1918-1944
Valić, Ivo 1916-1943

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the village:

Ban, Jure 1925-1943
Mikulić, Celesta 1921-1945
Mikulić, Jakov 1894-1942
Radetić, Mate 1896-1942
Sudan, Blaž 1899-1944
Sudan, Stjepan 1904-1944
Sudan, Zlata 1923-?

DRIVENIK. A town in the Vinodol Valley located northeast of Crikvenica. The town was first mentioned in the 13th century and its representatives were signatories to the Vinodol Law (Vinodolski zakon). A Frankopan castle dominates the town and surrounding villages. The cemetery next to the castle includes a crypt which contains the remains of a number of Partisans killed during the War.






The main Partisan monument is located at the base of the hill on which the castle is located. It consists of statue of a Partisan in battle, above his hips, the work of Zvonko Car. It is mounted on a white limestone pedestal on which is attached a black marble plaque listing the names of Partisans killed during the War and Victims of Fascist Terror. The monument is dated April 1962.

The monument lists the following names of Partisans killed during the War (the dates listed are based on information found in Primorsko):

Ahel Ivan
Belobrajić M. Anton
Čandrl J. Juraj
Cerović Vojko
Domijan M. Mihovil
Domijan S. Stjepan
Jerčinović I. Ivan
Jerčinović M. Ivan
Jerčinović S. Slavko
Jerčinović S. Stjepan
Jerčinović S. Stjepan (?-1944)
Klarić M. Stanko
Klarić M. Zivko
Klarić S. Marijan
Knez I. Andrija
Knez I. Ivan (1921-1944)
Kučan S. Ivan
Kuzmić L. Ivan
Petrinović B. Stjepan
Petrinović I. Mate (1922-1943)
Petrinović S. Stanko
Plisić A. Ivan (1921-1942)
Plisić M. Zvonko (1926-1945)
Šimić A. Dragutin (1921-1942)
Šimić A. Ivan (1923-1942)
Šimić M. Tomo
Zgombić I. Ljudevit

The monument lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror

Bakarcic S. Josip
Belobrajić M. Mihovil
Bruketa Stjepan
Ćepuš A. Anton
Cerović Cvjetko
Cerović L. Lojzo
Jerčinović M. Marija
Jercinovic S. Katica
Jurišić A. Josip
Kalanj M. Jure
Klarić I. Ivan
Klarić I. Kata
Klarić I. Miroslav
Klarić V. Petar
Perhat M. Kata
Plisić A. Anka
Plisić A. Marija
Plisić I. Anka

FUŽINE. A town in Gorski kotar. The main World War II monument stands at a crossroads in the center of town. It consists of a wall (surmounted by a red star) on which is placed a black marble plaque listing the names of Partisans killed during the War. The plaque lists the names of the following Partisans (except where noted, the dates of birth and death are based on information found in Primorsko; note that certain of the persons listed below are also listed on the monument for Vrata):

Alduh A. Josip
Blažević I. Desanka
Blažević F. Franjo (died in 1942 per Švob)
Blažević M. Rudolf
Blažina M. Jakov
Blažina B. Vinko
Blažina K. Zdravko
Bolf A. Anton
BrnčIć V. Slavko
Bubanj F. Zvonko
Cuculić S. Anton
Frančisković F. Ivan
Frančisković A. Albert
Frančisković A. Ivan
Frković A. Marijan
Glad T. Anton
Glad T. Matija
Golik G. Marijan
Grgurić J. Božo
Kauzlarić A. Anton
Kauzlarić J. Josip
Kauzlarić J. Rikard
Kauzlarić P. Vinko
Klausberger J. Anton
Korica M. Josip
Kostić S. Anton
Kozelički R. Anton
Levar N. Gabrijel
Mance I. Božidar (1913-1944)
Mance D. Dragan
Mihaljević T. Branko
Mihaljević J. Danica
Mihaljević P. Ivan
Pavesić A. Marijan
Pečarić A. Juraj
Per M. Ivan
Pernar F. Franjo
Perušić A. Božo
Petrović A. Drago
Polak A. Anton
Polić J. Ivan
Premer R. Rajmond
Sekardi F. Branko
Slivka Dj. Stjepan
Šepić M. Branka
Šimac N. Stjepan
Štanfel F. Branko (1925-1944)
Švast D. Ljubomir (?-1943)
Švob I. Anton
Švob J. Ivan
Švob I. Ivan
Tomac J. Albert
Tometic B. Josip
Tomić R. Grga
Trohar J. Franjo (1926-1944)
Trohar I. Ivanka

Primorsko lists the following Partisans from the town killed during the War while serving in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Fač, Ivan ?-?
Starčević, Ivan ?-?




The town's cemetery has a general monument to the Partisans and Victims of Fascism. Of interest is the grave of Ivanka Trohar, a People's Hero, who, despite her Communist credentials, is buried in a simple grave with her grandparents under a cross. Born in Fužine in 1923, Trohar joined the Communist Party in 1941 and became the Secretary of the Township Committee (Kotarski komitet) for SKOJ for Delnice and served in the District Committee (Okružni komitet) for SKOJ for the Gorski kotar area. In 1944 she was captured at Brod na Kupi and was hanged near Karlovac.

GABONJIN. A village in the interior of Krk Island. The World War II monument consists of a limestone pillar on which is placed a black marble plaque listing the names of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during World War II. The monument is dated 1969.



The names listed are as follows:

Drpić Josip
Drpić Josip
Grdinić Josip
Justinić Josip
Justinić Josip
Kirinčić Josip
Mihajlić Ivan
Plišić Josip
Radivoj Ivan
Radivoj Ivan
Radivoj Josip

Primorsko also lists the following Partisans from Gabonjin killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade"

Lindarić, Dušan 1925-1944
Lindarić, Ivan 1923-1943

GEROVO.  A village in Gorski kotar in the township (općina) of Čabar.  See the lisiting under Kampor for victims from Gerovo killed in that concentration camp.

The work Čabar lists the following Partisans from the town killed during World War II:

Arih, Drago 1922-1943
Arih, Dragutin 1909-1943
Brnčić, Ivan 1925-1944
Buneta, Vladimir 1926-1943
Bukovac, Ivan 1925-1943
Čop, Božo 1913-1943
Čop, Franjo 1912-1943
Čop, Ivan 1922-1942
Čop, Josip 1926-1944
Čop, Josip 1921-1942
Čop, Vjekoslav ?-1942
Čop, Zdravko 1925-1944
Gašparac, Alfons 1923-1944
Gašparac, Ivan 1907-1943
Gašparac, Marija 1908-1944
Janeš, Antun 1912-1944
Janeš, Božo 1921-?
Janeš,  Branko 1920-1944
Janeš, Dušan 1921-1943
Janeš, Franco ?-1944
Janeš, Ivan ?-1944
Kavalir, Antun 1923-1944
Kavalir, Josip 1926-1943
Klepac, Franjo 1924-1943
Klepac, Franjo 1913-1943
Klepac, Ivan 1914-1944
Klepac, Juraj 1922-1943
Klepac, Slavko 1918-1944
Klepac, Vjekoslav
Klepac, Vlado 1925-1943
Kovač, Anton 1918-1944
Kovač, Franjo 1913-1943
Kovač, Grga 1924-1944
Krulić, Ivan 1913-1945
Kvaternik, Dragutin 1925-1943
Kvaternik, Slavko 1912-1944
Malnar, Ivan 1907-1942
Malnar, Ivan 1907-1944
Malnar, Ivan 1915-1943
Malnar, Josip 1922-1942
Naglić, Dragutin 1902-1944
Ožbolt, Drago 1921-1945
Pajnić, Roman 1910-1944
Palčić, Josip 1920-1943
Pavlić, Anton ?-1944
Pavlić, Josip 1908-1943
Pohbratski, Slavko 1907-1945
Rešman, Ivan 1913-1943
Šapić, Boris 1921-1944
Šoštarić, Boris 1920-1944
Šoštarić, Josip ?-1942
Šoštarić, Vlado 1924-1944
Štimac, Antun 1924-1943
Štimac, Josip 1918-1944 (see also Mrkopalj - Matić poljane)
Tomac, Milan 1923-1944
Tonkija, Antun 1919-1944
Troha, Antun 1912-1943
Troha,  Dragutin 1922-1943
Turk, Blaž 1915-1944
Turk, Dragutin ?-1944
Turk, Franjo 1924-1943
Turk, Ivan 1927-1944
Turk, Ivan 1922-1944
Turk, Josip 1912-1943
Turk, Josip 1919-1944
Turk, Josip 1920-1944
Turk, Josip 1920-1944
Turk, Krešo 1923-1943
Turk, Matija 1910-?
Turk, Stjepan 1926-1943
Urbiha, Franjo 1924-1944
Volf, Danijel 1910-1943
Volf, Dragutin 1925-1943
Volf, Josip 1915-1943
Volf, Marijan 1927-1943
Vrus, Josip 1923-1944
Žagar, Cvetko 1924-1944
Žagar, Cvetko 1919-1943
Žagar, Ivan ?-1944
Žagar, Juraj 1927-1945
Žagar, Slavko 1923-1945
Žagar, Zvonko 1922-1945
Žagar, Zvonko 1904-1945

The same work also lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror and of War from the village:

Arih, Josip 1913-1943
Čop, Josip 1896-1942
Gašparac, Anton 1896-1942
Gašparac, Anton 1891-1942
Gašparac, Ivan 1926-1942
Gašparac, Josip 1884-1942
Gašparac, Matija 1888-1942
Gašparac, Matija ?-1942
Janeš, Filip 1922-1943
Kovač, Antun 1921-1943
Malnar, Vinko 1897-1942
Petriček, Josip 1911-1942
Šoštarić, Ivan 1908-1942
Štimac, Albert 1891-1942
Štimac, Antun 1910-1942
Štimac, Ivan 1897-1942
Štimac, Matija 1893-1942
Štimac, Matija 1893-1942
Tomac, Drago 1901-1942
Tomac, Josip 1914-1942
Turk, Ivan ?-1942
Turk, Ivan 1910-1942
Volf, Danijel 1908-1942
Žagar, Antun 1923-1942
Žagar, Ivan 1913-1942
Žagar, Josip 1924-1942
Žagar, Juraj 1888-1942

GRIŽANE/BELGRAD. Grižane is in the Vinodol Valley, near Bribir and Crikvenica. The town was first mentioned in the 13th century and its representatives were signatories to the Vinodol Law (Vinodolski zakon). The ruins of a Frankopan castle stand above the town. The town has a number of Partisan monuments along the main road through town.




A monument lists the names and birth and death dates of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror. Below an inscription states: "They Gave Their Lives for the Freedom of Their Homeland." The names are inscribed on a black marble slab placed within a limestone wall. To the left is a replica of the "Memorial of 1941" (awarded to those who joined the Partisans in 1941). The wall is topped by a black granite triangle with a red star and the dates 1941 and 1945. The names listed are as follows:


Balas M. Mate 1910-1942
Balas B. Rudolf 1920-1942
Balas I. Branko 1925-1944
Balas I. Mate 1927-1944
Barac I. Andre 1913-1944
Barac S. Anton 1915-1943
Barac E. Drago 1910-1944
Barac B. Luka 1913-1943
Barac A. Martin 1925-1943
Barac L. Mica 1921-1943
Barac M. Mihovil 1922-1943
Barac M. Mihovil 1923-1943
Barac T. Tomica 1917-1944
Barac L. Nikoden 1923-1943
Barbarić K. Ivan 1925-1944
Barbarić I. Martin 1923-1944
Baretić A. Stjepan 1895-1944
Baretić S. Zlatan 1926-1944
Blašković T. Ivan 1923-1944
Blašković A. Vilim 1925-1943
Blašković S. Grga 1917-1945
Blažicević F. Ivan 1902-1944
Blažicević I. Josip 1921-1944
Blažicević I. Stjepan 1926-1944
Brnčić A. Andrica 1920-1944
Brnčić V. Drago 1926-1946
Brnčić R. Ivan 1924-1944
Citković M. Ivan 1924-1943
Citković M. Vlado 1912-1943
Crnić S. Stjepan 1922-1945
Crnić A. Dragutin 1916-1942
Franović A. Josip 1912-1943
Gašparović S. Ivica 1921-1944
Gašparović B. Juraj 1912-1943
Golac M. Branko 1923-1943
Golac M. Ivan 1920-1943
Golac S. Ivan 1926-1944
Golac A. Stjepan 1927-1943
Golac M. Stjepan 1921-1943
Golac I. Vinko 1911-1944
Golac M. Zvonko 1923-1945
Hreljac M. Ludvig 1913-1944
Jakovac L. Ivan 1914-1945
Jakovac S. Slavko 1908-1945
Juriša M. Dragutin 1920-1944
Kinkela V. Dragutin 1903-1944
Karlić A. Nikola 1921-1944
Komadina M. Stanko 1915-1944
Kovac R. Rafael 1924-1944
Likarić M. Mihovil 1909-1945
Lušičić M. Anton 1927-1944
Lušičić S. Luka 1912-1944
Lušičić A. Petar 1911-1943
Malinarić K. Branko 1919-1945
Malinarić M. Juraj 1924-1944
Malinarić S. Stjepan 1923-1944
Malinarić A. Vinko 1922-1942
Marušić S. Drago 1910-1942
Marušić I. Edo 1920-1944
Marušić B. Mate 1913-1943
Marušić M. Mate 1914-1945
Marušić R. Srecko 1923-1945
Marušić R. Tomo 1925-1944
Matić M. Stjepan 1910-1943
Mavrić T. Branko 1925-1944
Mavrić I. Ignac 1923-1944
Mavrić L. Luka 1912-1943
Mavrić F. Mate 1921-1944
Mavrić T. Tomo 1914-1943
Mavrić B. Zlatan 1929-1945
Meleh S. Juraj 1910-1943
Meleh N. Mate 1924-1943
Meleh K. Tomo 1911-1944
Mužević I. Drago 1912-1944
Mužević R. Ivan 1924-1944
Mužević T. Marijan 1923-1945
Mužević B. Zlata 1923-1945
Novaković I. Ivan 1906-1944
Papić J. Branko 1925-1943
Petrović A. Ivan 1919-1944
Petrović A. Mirko 1924-1943
Petrović A. Martin 1925-1944
Pilaš R. Dragutin 1911-1943
Pilas M. Dragutin 1920-1944
Pilas I. Filip 1923-1943
Pilas V. Klement 1909-1943
Pilas M. Mate 1911-1943
Pilas I. Stjepan 1908-1943
Saftić G. Ivan 1926-1944
Saftić I. Mihovil 1927-1944
Smolčić I. Ivan 1914-1944
Sobol J. Josip 1919-1942
Šarar I. Anton 1910-1945
Šarar F. Ivan 1927-1944
Šarar G. Ivan 1920-1942
Šarar T. Tomo 1914-1942
Zafaranić T. Tomo 1915-1943

The names of the Victims of Fascist Terror are as follows:

Balas M. Mihovil 1886-1941
Balas M. Ivan 1898-1942
Barac T. Lucija 1885-1943
Barac M. Martin 1892-1945
Baretić I. Nikola 1927-1945
Blažičević I. Nikola 1908-1944
Bolješić I. Katarina 1906-1942
Crnić M. Marija 1909-1943
Gašparović K. Mate 1924-1945
Gašparović K. Vinko 1926-1943
Golac M. Ana 1874-1943
Golac A. Simun 1885-1943
Karlić B. Jakov 1894-1944
Karlić I. Bartol 1873-1944
Karlić I. Jelena 1874-1944
Knez I. Branko 1929-1945
Marušić I. Stanko 1922-1945
Malinarić V. Ivan 1893-1944
Malinarić T. Danica 1900-1944
Malinarić L. Luka 1891-1945
Malinar Jakov 1888-1942
Matić M. Cila 1880-1942
Miroš M. Mate 1915-1945
Pelić D. Božo 1876-1943
Pelić D. Pavao 1911-1943
Pelić B. Stanko 1907-1943
Pelic T. Stjepan 1904-1943
Stipaničić V. Alojz 1906-1941
Zakarija I. Branko 1920-1944

Nearby, a plaque on a wall near the school marks the spot where 6 NOO members were killed by the Germans on 14 February 1944. A meeting on the NOO was taking place in the school when the Germans attacked. The names listed are as follows:

Barbarić Anton
Blažić A. Andrica
Car I. Ivan
Car P. Petar
Car S. Ivan
Hreljac M. Ludvik

GROBNIK. A medieval settlement standing above the Grobničko polje (Grobnik Fields) in the hinterland of Rijeka. Representatives from Grobnik were signatories to the Vinodol Law (Vinodolski zakon) in 1288. The ruins of a Frankopan castle stand above the town. The work Grobinština lists the following Partisans from the town killed during the War:

Brdar, Bogomir 1924-1943
Čargonja, Josip 1921-1943
Čargonja, Petar 1923-1944
Franović, Franjo 1919-1943
Franović, Zermo 1924-1944
Hlača, Andrija 1915-1944
Hlača, August 1911-1944
Hlača, Danica 1913-1942
Hlača, Ivan 1917-1944
Hlača, Ivan 1925-1944
Hlača, Ivan 1926-1944
Kamenar, Anton 1905-1941
Kamenar, Stanko 1911-1943
Kovačić, Josip 1913-1943
Kovačić, Marijan 1923-1943
Manjotić, Ladislav 1926-1944
Rundić, Miro 1905-1945


The work further lists the following Victim of Fascist Terror:

Hlača, Anton 1927-?

The same work also lists the following Victim of War from the settlement:

Bafo, Edo 1891-1943

Primorsko also lists Josip Linić (1914-1944) as a Partisan killed during the War from Grobnik who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade.

Grobnik had been the site of the Airport for Sušak between the Wars and remains today the site of an airport for private planes.  A plaque at the Airport commemorates a 15 September 1944 attack on its facilities by the Partisans. 

HRELJIN. The town was first mentioned in the 13th century and its representatives were signatories to the Vinodol Law (Vinodolski zakon). The ruins of a Frankopan castle stand above the town.

A crypt near the town cemetery contains the remains of members of the 3rd Primorsko-Goranska Udarni (Strike) Division, killed while defending against a German offensive on 7 October 1943.





Butorović lists the following members of the KPH and SKOJ from Hreljin killed during the War:

Kružić, Viktor
Kučan, Ivan - Marčelja
Kučan, Josip - File
Kučan, Kuzma
Polić, Romano
Šepić, Milan
Šubat, Josip - Matin
Švrljuga, Dragutin

Švob lists one person from Hreljin who was executed by Fascist forces in 1941:

Polić, Slavko

IČIĆI. A town on the Opatija Riviera, located next to Opatija. Near the entrance of the town off of the Opatija-Pula road stands a monument next to a cave commemorating the execution of 37 people by the German forces on 24 April 1945, only days prior to the end of the War. The monument consists of a wall to which is attached a white marble plaque with the names of some of those killed. Their bodies were thrown into the cave. A separate pedestal holds a bronze statue showing a person falling. The monument is on a knoll, placed atop a series of steps and a walkway leading to the cave. The monument notes that 22 of those killed are unknown and lists the names of fifteen of those who had been identified. Additional plaques identify another 4 persons. The monument lists the names, birth date and places of birth for each known victim:

Česić Milan Born 15 June 1924 in Krasica
Dubrović Mirko Born 27 November 1919 in Rukavac
Pockaj Franjo Born 8 November 1900 in Sušak (Rijeka)
Kinkela Tomo Born 11 March 1911 in Bregi
Rukavina Ante Born 12 November 1899 in Karlobag
Peršić Feliks Born 20 February 1894 in Marseille
Grižinić Janko Born 17 January 1923 in Zagreb
Osojnak Vinko Born 30 Ocotober 1924 in Rukavac
Sandaj Emil Born 26 February 1915 in Mošćenička draga
Kovačić Božo Born 27 July 1901 in Jelenje
Matković Ivan Born 19 October 1907 in Sušak (Rijeka)
Rakić Smiljana Born 12 November 1927 in Sušak (Rijeka)
Špirin Engineer Vasilije Born 12 February 1898 in Kiev
Matković Cvetan Born 2 Spetember 1906 in Sušak (Rijeka)
Kalčić Ferdinand Born 6 April 1892 in Lovranska draga
Kovačić Ivana Božidar Born 25 December 1926 in Jelenje
Šimac Mihe Stjepan Born 11 February 1927 in Jelenje
Rundić Bartola Stanko Born 31 July 1905 in Podkilavac
Maganja Ivana Šimun Born 28 October 1898 in Podkilavac.









Near the center of Ičići, on a sidewalk next to the beach, sits a black marble monument to Anton Korić. The inscription states that on 28 May 1944 Korić, born on 28 December 1922 in nearby Poljane, was hanged by the Fascists at that site.

Ičići also contains a monument to those killed during the War in its main square.

The work Gubici lists the following Partisans from the town killed during the War:

Dminak, Anton 1923-1945
Dminak, Josip 1923-1944
Kolmanić, Nikola 1892-1944
Peršić, Vinko 1912-1944
Stanić, Franjo 1905-1944
Štanger, Marijan 1905-1944

The same work also lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the town:

Dešković, Milena ?-?
Makuc, Amalija 1879-1945

IKA. A town on the Opatija Riviera, located between Lovran and Ičići. A general monument to those killed during the War stands on the main road at the eastern entrance to the town. The work Gubici lists the following Partisans from the town killed during the War:

Brubnjak, Anton 1924-1944
Fratar, Anton 1900-1944
Fratar, Rudolf 1929-1944
Gržanić, Mirko 1912-1944
Honović, Jure 1925-1944
Krajcar, Emil 1923-1944
Kružić, Božo 1903-1944
Kružić, Ivan 1902-1944
Matković, Branko ?-1944
Mišćenić, Rudolf 1926-?
Piglić, Ivan 1921-1944
Tominić, Danko 1922-1945
Vidović, Ivan 1904-1944



The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the town:

Brajuka, Zorko-Albino 1918-?
Brubnjak, Josip 1882-1945
Honović, Romano 1916-?
Lukež, Anton ?-?
Matković, Antonija 1898-?
Mecul, Alexandra ?-?
Mikleus, Marion 1900-1944
Mušić, Nikola 1912-?
Palmić, Anton 1909-1944
Žigulić, Ana ?-?

ILOVIK. A settlement in the hinterland of Rijeka, near Grobnik. The work Grobinština lists the following Partisans from the settlement:

Fičor, Ljubomir 1915-1943
Franović, Drago 1912-1943
Franović, Josip-Pepe 1919-1944
Šupak, Petar 1900-1944
Turak, Dragutin 1921-1943
Turak, Konstantin 1925-1944

The same work also lists the following Victims of War from Ilovik:

Maršanić, Slava 1894-?
Turak, Pavao 1877-1945

JADRANOVO. A settlement near Crikvenica, it was previously known as Sv. Jakov (St. Jacob). According to materials found in Vinodolski zbornik, 12 youths from Jadranovo died as Partisans during the War. The materials further mention Drago Ahel and Dušan Ban (born 1917 according to Primorsko), both of whom were killed in 1944.

Primorsko further lists the following Partisans from the town killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Košuljandić, Josip 1922-1943
Pavlić, Juraj 1918-1945
Šegulja, Petar 1014-1944

JELENJE. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near Grobnik. The World War II monument sits on top of a small knoll on which is placed a stone sculpture in the form of a flame. A low semicircular wall lists the names of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror together with their respective dates of birth and death.

The information on Partisans killed is listed as follows:

Brnelić M. Ivan 1903-1943
Brnelić I. Martin 1924-1944
Juretić J. Rafael 1923-1943
Katić S. Ivan 1921-1944
Katić B. Vid 1910-1945
Kovačić I. Božidar 1926-1945
Kovačić R. Ivan 1918-1943
Kovačić M. Marijan 1921-1942
Kovačić R. Mate 1921-1945
Kukuljan P. Branko 1923-1942
Kukuljan P. Ivan 1918-1943
Maršanić I. Anton 1924-1944
Maršanić S. Jelena 1910-1943
Maršanić B. Rafael 1905-1944
Mavrinac F. Ivan 1911-1945
Raspor F. Petar 1911-1942
Raspor M. Josip 1916-1943
Raspor M. Milan 1913-1942
Rempešić A. Jakov 1929-1944
Rundić P. Milan 1922-1944
Šimac M. Stjepan 1927-1945
Valić A. Ivan 1916-1943
Valić J. Marijan 1911-1943
Zoretić M. Karlo-Drago 1913-1943
Žmarić P. Dragutin 1919-1943
Žmarić P. Mirko 1916-1943





The information on Victims of Fascist Terror is as follows:

Brnelić J. Ragutin 1895-1944
Brnelić J. Stjepan 1927-1942
Jakovčić Vladimir 1901-1941
Kovačić I. Ivan 1900-1944
Lukežić F. Paulina 1882-1943
Žmarić N. Petar 1887-1944
Juretić R. Romano 1942-1942
Maršanić S. Anton 1936-1945
Maršanić S. Danica 1942-1945
Matejčić S. Stjepan 1939-1945
Šimac B. Ana 1933-1944

Primorsko lists the following Partisans from Jelenje killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Kukuljan A. Franjo 1901-1944
Lilić, Mato 1919-1945
Lukarić, Marijan 1928-1944
Silić, Mate 1919-1945

JURANDVOR-BATOMLJE. Settlements located in the interior of Krk Island, near Baška. Jurandvor was the site of a medieval monastery where the Baščanska ploča, or Tablet of Baška, was discovered in the 19th century. The Tablet is one of the oldest complete inscriptions in medieval Croatian, dating from around 1100, written in the Glagolithic script. A list of Partisans killed during the War from the village is found in volume 11 (1982) of Krčki zbornik:

Barac, Vinko 1914-1945
Ceperić, Stanko 1922-1943
Derenčinović, Ivan 1925-1943
Derenčinović, Petar 1923-1944
Derenčinović, Valerijo 1923-1945
Dragović, Drago 1925-1943
Dujmović, Stanko 1920-1944
Hrabrić, Marijan 1920-1945
Kvenić, Anton 1911-1945
Manzoni, Joakim 1922-1943
Seršić, Augustin 1925-1943 (note - born in the USA)
Seršić, Franjo 1922-1947 (note - born in the USA)
Seršić, Ivan 1925-1944
Seršić, Ivan 1924-1943
Seršić, Ivan 1922-1945
Vasilić, Franjo 1915-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the settlements:

Ceperić, Franjo 1914-1943
Ceperić, Mihovil 1909-1943
Ceperić, Rudolf 1925-1943
Hrabrić, Marica 1924-1941 (note - killed in bombing of Belgrade)
Pavlović-Derenčinović, Božica 1908-1944 (noted - killed by Chetniks at Užice in Serbia)

JUŠIĆI-JURADNI. Towns located on the Rijeka-Trieste road, near Matulji. The towns had been annexed to Italy prior to the War. The Partisan monument is located along the main road in Jušići and is dated 8 September 1946. It is placed within a circular wall and consists of a pedestal topped by a star standing on a sword and flanked by bombs and flames. To the side of the pedestal, names of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War are listed giving the birthrates and the house address of each victim.



The information for the Partisans killed is as follows (the date of deaths is based on information in Gubici):

Babić Josip Born 1921 Jurdani No. 40 (1945)
Brajan Stanko Born 1912 Jurdani No. 75 (1943)
Ćiković Ljudevit Born 1908 Jušići No. 123 (?)
Črnjarić Josip Born 1903 Jušići No. 117 (1944)
Črnjarić Stanko Born 1925 Jurdani No. 41 (?)
Jurdana Josip Born 1918 Jurdani No. 3 (1944)
Jurdana Josip Born 1923 Jurdani No. 13 (1943)
Jurdana Romano Born 1895 Jušići No. 76 (?)
Jurdana Srećko Born 1927 Jušići No. 96 (1943)
Jušić Ivan Born 1905 Jušići No. 20 (1943)
Jušić Milan Born 1898 Jušići No. 61 (1943)
Kalčić Nando Born 1925 Jurdani No. 7 (1944)
Kinkela Jermo Born 1905 Jušići No. 106 (1943)
Lipić Lovro Born 1923 Jušići No. 63
Marmilić Drago Born 1907 Jušići No. 37 (1944)
Mavrić Milan Born 1910 Jurdani No. 92 (1943)
Mohorovičić Ivo Born 1921 Jušići No. 77 (1944)
Puž Mirko Born 1923 Jurdani No. 2 (1944)
Rubeša Zvonimir Born 1915 Jurdani No. 87
Smaila Milan Born 1925 Jušići No. 29 (1944)
Spinčić Stanko Born 1910 Jušići No. 41 (1944)
Stanić Andrija Born 1912 Jušići No. 67 (1944)
Stanić Dušan Born 1909 Jurdani No. 85
Sušanj Franjo Born 1926 Jušići No. 121 (1944)
Sušanj Rafael Born 1913 Jušići No. 109 (1944)
Vlah Josip Born 1911 Jušići No. 7 (1944)
Vlah Milovan Born 1923 Jušići No. 8 (1944)
Vrenc Viktor Born 1924 Jušići No. 68 (1944)

The information for the Victims of Fascist Terror is as follows (the dates in brackets are from Gubici):

Afrić Josipa Born 1913 Jurdani No. 38 (1911- 1945)
Afrić Milka Born 1915 Jurdani No. 38 (1913-1945)
Dukić Anton Born 1907 Jušići No. 94 (?)
Jurdana Marko Born 1912 Jurdani No. 3 (1944) (now considered a Partisan per Gubici)
Kinkela Angelo Born 1895 Jurdani No. 30 (1943) (now considered a Partisan per Gubici)
Monjac Viktor Born 1908 Jušići No. 56 (1944) (now considered a Partisan per Gubici)
Škerjanc Ivan Born 1908 Jušići No. 88 (1944)
Sušanj Ivan Born 1873 Jurdani No. 26 (1945) (Gubici gives the name as Ivanka)
Vlah Jakov Born 1897 Jušići No. 69 (1911-?) (now considered a Partisan per Gubici)

Gubici further lists the following Partisan from the towns killed during the War:

Jurdana Marko 1914-1944

KAČANI. A settlement located in the hinterland of Rijeka, near Grobnik. The work Grobinština lists the following information concerning Partisans from the village killed during World War II:

Ban, Dragutin 1924-1944
Brdar, Franjo 1909-1943
Brdar, Ivan 1924-1943
Brdar, Milan 1915-1945
Perić, Anton 1914-1943
Valić, Anton 1911-1944

KAMPOR.  A town of Rab Island,. it was the site of a notorious concentration camp, discussed further in the entry on same.

The work Rab lists the following Partisans from the settlement killed during World War II:

Boljfar, Josip 1922-1944
Bua, Frane 1899-1943
Dedić, Zvonko-Nikola 1923-1942
Gabrić, Ante 1922-1944
Guščić, Ivan 1925-1944
Ivčić, Josip 1923-1944
Jurešić, Josip 1911-1945
Kuparić, Josip 1913-1944
Lupić, Petar 1925-1945
Mravić, Petar 1915-1945
Perić, Josip 1913-1943
Staničić, Ivan 1914-1944
Staničić, Ante 1915-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascism and of War from the settlement:

Maračić, Vinko 1929-1944
Španjol, Vinko 1937-1945

KAMPOR - CONCENTRATION CAMP. Located on Rab Island, Kampor was the site of a notorious Italian concentration camp, officially known as Campo di concentramento per internati civili Arbe, established on 2 July 1942. The Camp was specifically established for the internment of Croat civilians from areas surrounding Rijeka which had been annexed by Italian in 1941 and for Slovenian civilians as part of an intentional campaign to "ethnically cleanse" these territories as well as to destroy local support for Partisans. The effectiveness of the campaign is shown by Italian statistics compiled by the Italian civilian commisar for Čabar Township, Eugenio Nauta. According to Nauta, the Township, consisting of Crni Lug, Čabar, Draga, Gerovo, Osilnica, Plešće and Prezid, had 12,263 inhabitants on 31 March 1942. By 1 September of the same year, as a result of organized deportation undertaken by Italian authorities, only 5,545 remained.

The Kampor Camp was not marked by systematic executions but by systematic neglect. Prisoners died of exposure, hunger, disease and ill treatment. After the Camp's liberation in 1943, thousands of undistributed packages sent to inmates by relatives were found.

It has been estimated that 15,000 people passed through the Camp. The Camp was also the home for a relatively short period of time of Jews who had previously lived or been refugees in towns scattered throughout the Croatian coast.

The most recent study of the number of deaths, by Ivo Kovačević (Kampor 1942-1943: Hrvati, Slovenci i Židovi u koncentracijskom logoru Kampor na otoku Rabu [Kampor 1942-1943: Croats, Slovenes and Jews in the Concentration Camp Kampor on Rab Island], Rijeka: Adamić, 1998), identifies 1,447 victims, of whom 564 were Croats, 870 Slovenes and 13 Jews. The names, ages and place of birth of Croats who died at the Camp identified by Kovačević are as follows:

Anžur, Antun 20 Čabar
Arh, Franjica 1 Crni Laz, Čabar
Ban, Adam 64 Podhum
Ban, Julijana 4 Podhum
Ban, Kata 65 Podhum
Čop Antun 90 Smrečje, Gerovo
Čop Emanuel 38 Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Franjo 1 Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Franjo 78 Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Franjo 33 Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Ignacije 77 Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Ivan 8 Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Josip 3 Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Jože
Čop, Stjepan 60 Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Stjepan 59 Smrečje, Gerovo
Čop, Joze 31 Žurge, Osilnica
Čop, Valentin 58 Brinjeva Draga, Tršće
Čop, Valentin 46 Tršće
Čop, Valentin 21 Brinjeva Draga, Tršće
Čop, Veronika Sokoli, Tršće
Čop, Veronika Sokoli, Tršće
Đurić, Josip 50 Kundelj, Kastav
Erent, Ivan Podstene, Plesce
Eržen, Filip 53 Mali Lug, Gerovo
Eržen, Franjica 62 Kranjci, Prezid
Eržen, Franjo 74 Gorači, Čabar
Eržen, Franjo 10 Gorači, Čabar
Eržen, Ivka 21 Kranjci, Prezid
Eržen, Josip Erženi, Čabar
Eržen, Marija 73 Gorači, Čabar
Eržen, Marija 2 Gorači, Čabar
Eržen, Petar 42 Kranjci, Prezid
Eržen, Valentin 31 Gorači, Čabar
Eržen, Valentin 64 Gorači, Čabar
Fance Andjelka 52 Gorači, Čabar
Francetić, Emilija 56 Skvažići, Kastav
Frbežar, Anton 48 Žagari, Čabar
Frbežar, Stjepan 47 Vrhovci, Tršće
Gabinac, Joze Gabinac, Karlovac
Gorše, Antun 28 Lokve
Grbac, Ana 84 Prezid
Grbac Matija 61 Srdoči, Kastav
Grebec, Franjica 70 Prezid
Hudolini, Antun 22 Gorači, Čabar
Hudolini, Gašpar 71 Prkutova draga, Tršće
Hudolini, Josip 2 Kamenski Hrib, Plešce
Hudolini, Juraj 46 Gorači, Čabar
Hudolini, Matija 80 Hudolijni, Čabar
Hudolini, Viktor 7 mo. Gorači, Čabar
Janeš, Andjelka 54 Gorači, Čabar
Janeš, Antun 50 Gorači, Čabar
Janeš, Filip 48 Podstene, Plešce
Janeš, Franjo 30 Vrhovici, Tršće
Janeš, Franjo 3 mo. Sokoli, Tršće
Janeš, Ivan 77 Sokoli, Tršće
Janeš, Jakov Žumpri, Čabar
Janeš, Jakov 76 Resmani, Čabar
Janeš, Josip Janeši, Čabar
Janeš, Josip 70 Smrečje, Gerovo
Janeš, Josip 24 Mandli, Plešce
Janeš, Julka 82 Vrhovci, Tršće
Janeš, Juraj 63 Smrečje, Gerovo
Janeš, Marica 8 Gorači, Čabar
Janeš, Marija 72 Srednja Draga, Tršće
Janeš, Marija 78 Gorači, Čabar
Janeš, Marija 77 Smrečje, Gerovo
Janeš, Mira 1 Resmani, Čabar
Janeš, Vladimir 22 Čabar
Janež, Petar 61 Osilnica
Janežić, Jakob 50 Majer, Čabar
Jardas, Josipa 40 Kudelji, Kastav
Jelen, Antun Parg, Čabar
Jelen, Ivan 29 Parg, Čabar
Jelenc, David 43 Tršće
Jelenc, Josip 50 Požarnica, Plešce
Jelenc, Juraj 19 Sokoli, Tršće
Jerman, Jakob 37 Lokve
Jerman, Joze 76 Prezid
Kacin Petar 68 Gorači, Čabar
Kavalir, Miroslav 75 Gorači, Čabar
Kenda, Vjekoslav 58 Kozji Vrh, Prezid
Klepac Alojz 25 Gorači, Čabar
Klepac, Alojz 81 Majer, Čabar
Klepac, Alojz 26 Žagari, Čabar
Klepac, Antun 1 Majer, Čabar
Klepac, Fanika Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Ferdinand 17 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Franjo 42 Gorači, Čabar
Klepac, Franjo 50 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Ivan Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Ivan 38 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Jelka 2 Žagari, Čabar
Klepac, Josip Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Josip 4 mo. Kampor Camp
Klepac, Josip 38 Žagari, Čabar
Klepac, Josip 17 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Kazimir 48 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Marija Majer, Čabar
Klepac, Marija 73 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Marija 78 Gorači, Cabar
Klepac, Miljenko 3 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Mirko 50 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Mirko 48 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Slava 35 Smrečje, Čabar
Klepac, Slavko 27 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Srećko 50 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Valentin 30 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Veronika Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Vinko 37 Prezid
Klepac, Vjekoslav 82 Gorači, Cabar
Klepac, Vjekoslav 30 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Vjekoslav 16 Sokoli, Tršće
Klepac, Vjekoslav Podkilavac, Sušak
Knaus, Antun 25 Mandli, Plešce
Knaus, Josip 28 Žagari, Čabar
Kocelac, Franjo 64 Gorači, Čabar
Kovac, Antun 59 Sokoli, Trsce
Kovac, Božidar 32 Smrečje, Gerovo
Kovač, Dušan 1 Dolina, Čabar
Kovač, Gabrijel 64 Vrhovci, Tršće
Kovač, Josip 25 Vrhovci, Tršće
Kovač, Josip 40 Vrhovci, Tršće
Kovač, Milka 4 mo. Gorači, Cabar
Kovač, Milka 2 Vrhovci, Tršće
Kramar, Josip 16 Požarnica, Plešce
Krasovec, Ivan 38 Selo, Tršće
Križ, Antun 58 Tropeti, Čabar
Križ, Antun 69 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Križ, Filip 76 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Križ, Filip 73 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Križ, Filip 77 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Križ, Franjo 42 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Križ, Gabrijela 1 Tropeti, Čabar
Križ, Jakob 75 Torpeti, Čabar
Križ, Josip 35 Žagari, Čabar
Križ, Matija 68 Prezid
Kruljić, Ivan 66 Prezid
Kruljić, Jakob 62 Smrečje, Tršće
Kvaternik, Valentin 24 Vode, Gerovo
Lakota, Antun 50 Kozji Vrh, Prezid
Lakota, Josip 40 Ravnice, Tršće
Lakota, Josip Ravnice, Tršće
Lipovac, Alojzije 54 Frbežari, Tršće
Lipovac, Antun 40 Tršće
Lipovac, Antun 68 Srednja Draga, Tršće
Lipovac, Antun 72 Crni Lazi, Tršće
Lipovac, Antun 33 Frbezari, Tršće
Lipovac, Antun 39 Gorači, Čabar
Lipovac, Franjica 62 Markov Hrib, Tršće
Lipovac, Franjo 43 Kranjci, Prezid
Lipovac, Jakob 69 Tršće
Lipovac, Josip 46 Tršće
Lipovac, Julijana 74 Kamenski Hrib, Plešce
Lipovac, Juraj 42 Podstene, Plešce
Lipovac, Miroslav 39 Čabar
Lipovac, Neza 34 Sokoli, Tršće
Lipovac, Rudolf 55 Frbežari, Tršće
Lipovac, Šandor 41 Prezid
Loknar, Branko 2 Frbežari, Tršće
Lučić, Rudolf 36 Viškovo, Kastav
Lukežić, Antonija 56 Selo, Tršće
Lukežić, Jakob 71 Donje Jelenje
Maganja, Jelka 1 Podkilavac
Maganja, Stanka 43 Donje Jelenje
Magušar, Matija 37 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Albert 34 Trava, Čabar
Malnar, Alojz 16 Frbežari, Tršće
Malnar, Ana 68 Požarnica, Plešce
Malnar, Antun 41 Prhci, Tršće
Malnar,Antun 58 Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Antun 34 Žagari, Čabar
Malnar, Antun 18 Tršće
Malnar, Antun 60 Papeži, Plešce
Malnar, Dragica 2 mo. Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Dragutin 28 Razloge, Delnice
Malnar, Dragutin 1 Selo, Trsce
Malnar, Franjica 40 Gorači, Čabar
Malnar, Franjica 5 Gorači, Čabar
Malnar, Franjo 2 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Franjo 42 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Franjo 57 Parg, Čabar
Malnar, Franjo 64
Malnar, Genoveva 74 Tršće
Malnar, Ignac 66 Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Ivan Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Ivan 22 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Ivan 49 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Jakob 76 Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Jelena 76 Crni Laz, Tršće
Malnar, Josip 2 Razloge, Delnice
Malnar, Josip 49 Razloge, Delnice
Malnar, Josip 48 Vrhovici, Tršće
Malnar, Josip 38 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Josip 25 Požarnica, Plešce
Malnar, Josip 23 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Josip 68 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Josip 42 Prezid
Malnar, Josip 73 Ravnice, Tršće
Malnar, Josip 20 Žagari, Čabar
Malnar, Julije 30 Tršće
Malnar, Ladislav 58 Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Marija 1 mo. Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Milan 32 Brinjeva Draga, Tršće
Malnar, Mira 4 Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Mladen 7 mo. Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Rudolf 59 Sokoli, Tršće
Malnar, Slava 38 Podstene, Plešce
Malnar, Slavica
Malnar, Slavko 60 Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Slavko Žagari, Čabar
Malnar, Srećko 29 Sokoli, Tršće
Malnar, Stanislav 76 Tršće
Malnar, Stanko 62 Vode, Tršće
Malnar, Stanko 76 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Malnar, Stanko 80 Gorači, Čabar
Malnar, Stjepan 65 Crni Laz, Tršće
Malnar, Stjepan 38 Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Valentin 60 Frbežari, Tršće
Malnar, Valentin 49 Brinjeva Draga, Tršće
Malnar, Valentin 37 Vrhovici, Tršće
Malnar, Valentin 79 Selo, Tršće
Malnar, Veronika 65 Vrhovici, Tršće
Malnar, Vilim 3 mo. Žurge, Osilnica
Malnar, Vjekoslav 2 Čabar
Malnar, Vjekoslav 15 Frbežari, Tršće
Malnar, Vladimir 24 Tršće
Malnar, Zora 52 Gorači, Čabar
Malner, Julij 2 mo. Žurge, Osilnica
Malner, Valentin 79 Smrečje, Gerovo
Mance, Andjelka 52 Gorači, Čabar
Markovčić, Antun 69 Podstene, Plesce
Markovčić, Ivan 50 Sokoli, Tršće
Marković, Urban 52 Kastav
Mauhar, Dragutin 30 Brod na Kupi
Mauhar Josip 6 mo. Razloge, Delnice
Mauhar, Petar 43 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Meglen, Josip 48 Podkilavac
Miculinić, Josip 28 Cernik
Mihelić, Antun 55 Parg, Čabar
Mihelić, Emil Parg, Čabar
Mihelić, Franjo 46 Prezid
Mihelić, Ivan 55 Parg, Čabar
Mihelić, Josip 1 Plešce
Mihelić, Marija 54 Parg, Čabar
Mihelić, Mladen 20 Parg, Čabar
Mihelić, Valentin 31 Parg, Čabar
Mikulinić, Karlo 29 Čavle
Milić, Rudolf 58 Hosti, Kastav
Mlakar, Andrija Gorači, Čabar
Mlakar, Franjica 36 Gorači, Čabar
Mlakar, Franjica 5 Gorači, Čabar
Mlakar, Franjo 46 Sokoli, Tršće
Mlakar, Ivan 43 Sokoli, Tršće
Mlakar, Jakov 76 Selo, Tršće
Mlakar, Josip 47 Ravnice, Trsce
Mohar, Petar 42 Razloge, Delnice
Mrakovčić, Urban 60 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Mrle, Antun 55 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Mrle, Ivan 32 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Mrle, Josip 6 mo. Gerovo
Mrle, Josip 45 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Mrle, Juraj 66 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Muhvić, Joze 48 Žurge, Osilnica
Muhvić, Marija 73 Mali Lug, Gerovo
Muhvić, Miljenka 10 Smrečje, Gerovo
Mulac, Marija 59 Mulci, Kastav
Naglić, Antun 45 Srednja Draga, Tršće
Naglić, Antun 1 Srednja Draga, Tršće
Naglić, Blaž, 76 Srednja Draga, Tršće
Naglić, Franjo 18 Srednja Draga, Tršće
Naglić, Franjo 40 Prhci, Tršće
Naglić, Josip 1 Parg, Čabar
Naglić, Marija 1 Srednja Draga, Tršće
Naglić, Stjepan 42 Prhci, Tršće
Naglić, Vjekoslav 48 Crni Laz, Tršće
Osvald, Genoveva 74 Tršće
Ožbald, Franjo 2 Gerovo
Ožbald, Marija 5 mo. Brod na Kupi
Ožbald, Marija 73 Ravnice, Tršće
Ožbald, Valentin 45 Ravnice, Tršće
Ožbolt, Franka 41 Ravnice, Tršće
Ožbolt, Franjica 22 Prezid
Ožbolt, Franjo Mali Lug, Gerovo
Ožbolt, Franjo 22 Žagari, Čabar
Ožbolt, Josip 54 Prezid
Ožbolt, Marija 1 Brod na Kupi
Ožbolt, Marija 67 Ravnice, Tršće
Ožbolt, Valentin 45 Ravnice, Tršće
Pajalić, Josip 47 Gerovo
Pajnić, Anton 52 Hrib, Čabar
Pajnić, Blaž 67 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Pajnić, Juraj 20 Kamenski Hrib, Plešce
Pantar, Antun 21 Kranjci, Prezid
Pantar, Petar 51 Kranjci, Prezid
Papić, Juraj 19 Plešce
Pavlić, Josip 46 Gerovo
Pavlin, Gašpar 59 Kranjci, Prezid
Poje, Ana 75 Žagari, Čabar
Poje, Ana 70 Prezid
Poje, Anton 45 Osilnica
Poje, Antun 18 Tršće
Poje, Antun 1 Vrhovci, Tršće
Poje, Antun 65 Parg, Čabar
Poje, Antun 70 Markov Hrib, Tršće
Poje, Ferdinand 73 Gorači, Čabar
Poje, Franjo 40 Gorači, Čabar
Poje, Ivan Tršće
Poje, Ivan 80 Gorači, Čabar
Poje, Ivan 42 Čabar (or Tršće)
Poje, Josip 1 Majer, Čabar
Poje, Marija 5 mo. Vrhovci, Tršće
Poje, Srećko 50 Crni Lazi, Tršće
Poje, Valentin 30 Žagari, Čabar
Poje, Veronika 70 Markov Hrib, Tršće
Pušek, Anton 44 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Pušek, Marija 2 Čabar
Raušelj, Milena 41 Vode, Gerovo
Raušelj, Valentin 49 Žagari, Čabar
Rede, Adam 45 Tršće
Rede, Alojz 9 Tršće
Rede, Franjo 39 Vrhovci, Tršće
Rede, Gabrijel 58 Crni Lazi
Rede, Ivan 35 Tršće
Rede, Josip 53 Vrhovci, Tršće
Rede, Juraj 77 Vrhovci, Tršće
Rede, Stanislav 1 Srednja Draga, Tršće
Reljac, Antonija 62 Podhum
Reljac, Ivan 73 Grobnik
Resman Ana 4 mo. Kampor Camp
Resman Antun 34 Žagari, Čabar
Resman, Darinka 3 Ravnice, Tršće
Resman, Ivan
Resman, Juraj 80 Selo, Tršće
Resman, Marija 37 Ravnice, Tršće
Resman, Marija 2 Požarnica, Tršće
Rožić, Marija 70 Podhum
Rundić, Franjo 56 Podlkilovac
Rundić, Marija 56 Jelenje
Rundić, Marija 53 Podkilovac
Rundić, Mate 65 Podkilovac
Seboli, Grga 9 mo. Čabar
Silić, Marija 64 Podkilovac
Smole, Antun 21 Mali Lug, Gerovo
Spinčić, Antun 80 Spinčići, Kastav
Srslje, Grgur 77 Gorači, Čabar
Srslje, Petar 50 Kraljev Vrh, Tršće
Stipić, Grga 57 Podhum
Šafar, Franjo 6 mo. Kupari, Gerovo
Šafar, Slavko 49 Mali Lug, Gerovo
Šebalj, Grga 77 Gorači, Čabar
Šebalj, Ivan 41 Prezid
Šebalj, Ivan 5 mo. Gorači, Čabar
Šebalj, Vinko 55 Prezid
Šebalj-Žagar Agata 59 Prezid
Šercer, Jože 42 Žurge, Osilnica
Šercer, Jurij 83 Žurge, Osilnica
Šercer, Marija 5 mo. Žurge, Osilnica
Šercer, Petar 63 Žurge, Osilnica
Šercer, Slavko
Šercer, Štefka 1 Žurge, Osilnica
Šercer, Zdenka Žurge, Osilnica
Šimac, Bonaventuro 55 Podkilovac
Šimac, Ivan 40 Podkilovac
Šimac, Ivan 65 Bani, Kastav
Širaj, Karel 22 Matulji
Širola, Ivan 41 Kastav
Šircer, Stanko 2 Osilnica
Škrobonja, Antonija 58 Škurinje
Škrobonja, Antonija 2 Kastav
Škrobojna, Franjo 67 Škurinje
Šoštarić, Antun 4 mo. Smrečje, Gerovo
Šoštarić, Antun 37 Crni Lazi, Tršće
Šoštarić, Fanika 4 mo. Smrečje, Gerovo
Šoštarić, Franjo 2 Crni Lazi
Šoštarić, Josip 2 Smrečje, Gerovo
Šoštarić, Josip 30 Čabar
Šoštarić, Petar 63 Crni Lazi, Tršće
Šoštarić, Valentin 57 Crni Lazi, Tršće
Šoštarić, Vladimir 19 Tršće
Šoštarić, Željka 5 mo. Čabar
Šraj France 27 Matulji
Šraj Karel 22 Matulji
Štanfar, Julijana 77 Žurge, Osilnica
Štimac, Ana 90 Žurge, Osilnica
Štimac, Antun 64 Mali Lug, Gerovo
Štimac, Evica 2 Čabar
Štimac, Franjo 52 Parg, Čabar
Štimac, Franjo 17 Tršće
Štimac, Gašpar 46 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Štimac, Helena
Štimac, Ivan 5 mo. Kupari, Gerovo
Štimac, Ivan 68 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Štimac, Ivan 40 Pokilavac
Štimac, Janez 52 Žurge, Osilnica
Štimac, Josip 47 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Štimac, Marija 18 Razloge, Delnice
Štimac, Matija 64 Grbajel, Brod na Kupi
Štimac, Petar 42 Parg, Čabar
Štimac, Petar 52 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Tomac, Amira 9 Razloge, Delnice
Tomac, Andrija 68 Razloge, Delnice
Tomac, Antun 50 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Tomac, Josip 7 mo. Brod na Kupi
Tomac, Julka 6 mo. Razloge, Delnice
Tomac, Lenka 50 Razloge, Delnice
Tomac, Neza 70 Razloge, Delnice
Tomac, Romanka 2 Razloge, Delnice
Tomac, Tomo 78 Razloge, Delnice
Tomac, Vjekoslav 1 Razloge, Delnice
Troha, Antonija
Troha, Antun 46 Vrhovci, Tršće
Troha, Antun 1 Gorači, Čabar
Troha, Franjo 1 mo. Kampor Camp
Troha, Ivan 17 Muhovci, Čabar
Troha, Ljudevit 22 Žagari, Čabar
Troha, Marija 76 Gorači, Čabar
Troha, Marija 8 mo. Gorači, Čabar
Troha, Marija Majer, Čabar
Trohar, Miha
Troha, Milka 1 Kozji Vrh, Prezid
Troha, Slavica 1 Kozji Vrh, Prezid
Troha, Slavko 78 Kozji Vrh, Tršće
Trope, Ivaka 66 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Trope, Marija 71 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Trope, Marijan 42 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Trope, Vjekoslav 1 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Turk, Alojzije 21 Bazil, Prezid
Turk, Anka 39 Požarnica, Plesce
Turk, Anka 87 Požarnica, Plesce
Turk, Anton 1 Vode, Gerovo
Turk, Antun 31 Milanov Vrh, Prezid
Turk, Antun 21 Papeži, Gerovo
Turk, Antun 42 Ravnice, Tršće
Turk, Božena 3 Milanov Vrh, Prezid
Turk, Ćiril Sokoli, Tršće
Turk, Danijel 22 Sokoli, Tršće
Turk, Dragica 26 Milanov Vrh, Prezid
Turk, Franjica 77 Gorači, Čabar
Turk, Franjica 45 Gorači, Čabar
Turk, Franjo 68 Vode, Čabar
Turk, Franjo Sokoli, Tršće
Turk, Franjo 31 Gorači, Čabar
Turk, Franjo 90 Vode, Gerovo
Turk, Genoveva 2 mo. Kampor Campt
Turk, Ivan 71 Sokoli, Tršće
Turk, Ivanka 5 Milanov Vrh, Prezid
Turk, Jelica 5 mo. Čabar
Turk, Josip Papeži, Gerovo
Turk, Josip Sokoli, Tršće
Turk, Josip Sokoli, Tršće
Turk, Marija 69 Vode, Gerovo
Turk, Marija 92 Vode, Gerovo
Turk, Milka Majer, Čabar
Turk, Miroslav 59 Gorači, Čabar
Turk, Petar 53 Gorači, Čabar
Turk, Sabina 62 Sokoli, Tršće
Turk, Srećko 5 mo. Gorači, Čabar
Turk, Valentin 66 Gorači, Čabar
Turk, Valentin 1 mo. Kampor Camp
Tušek, Antun Tuški, Čabar
Tušek, Antun 80 Gorači, Čabar
Tušek, Antun 33 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Tušek, Ivan 42 Gorači, Čabar
Tušek, Jakob 66 Vode, Gerovo
Tušek, Jakob 68 Prkutova Draga, Tršće
Tušek, Jakob 41 Gorači, Čabar
Tušek, Marija 2 Čabar
Tušek, Polonija 76 Gorači, Čabar
Tušek, Slavica 8 mo. Gorači, Čabar
Urh, Franjica 3 Čabar
Urh, Valentin 33 Sunger, Mrkopalj
Vesel, Dragutin 57 Prezid
Volf, Antun 33 Vrhovci, Tršće
Volf, Antun 40 Tršće
Volf, Anton 42 Žurge, Osilnica
Volf, Anton 63 Žurge, Osilinica
Volf, Blaž 46 Kraljev Vrh, Tršće
Volf, Bogo
Volf, Božica 2 Čabar
Volf, Cvetka Muhovci, Čabar
Volf, Dragica
Volf, Emil 22 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Volf, Filip 46 Parg, Čabar
Volf, Franjica 63 Smrečje, Čabar
Volf, Franjica 42 Gorači, Čabar
Volf, Franjica 2 Vrhovci, Tršće
Volf, Franjo 52 Požarnica, Plešce
Volf, Josip 67 Gorači, Čabar
Volf, Josip 21 Gorači, Čabar
Volf, Josip 20 Požarnica, Plesce
Volf, Josip 50 Gorači, Čabar
Volf, Juro 58 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Volf-Lipovac Francika 63 Gorači, Čabar
Volf, Marija 57 Prezid
Volf, Matija 78 Parg, Čabar
Volf, Milan 24 Krašićevica, Gerovo
Volf, Milovan 16 Selo, Tršće
Volf, Miroslav 56 Trsce
Volf, Olgica 7 mo. Žurge, Osilnica
Volf, Pavao 60 Okrivje, Plešce
Volf, Petar 59 Selo, Tršće
Volf, Rudolf
Volf, Valentin 36 Gorači, Čabar
Volf, Valentin 37 Parg, Čabar
Wolf, Cvetka 33 Čabar
Wolf, Filip 68 Parg, Čabar
Wolf, Josip 64 Gorači, Čabar
Wolf, Josip 19 Gorači, Čabar
Wolf, Marijan 5 mo. Razloge, Delnice
Wolf, Vladimir 2 Žurge, Osilnica
Zaharija,Ana 67 Podhum
Zajc, Mihajlo 43 Gorači, Čabar
Zavrtnik, Lovro 80 Gorači, Čabar
Zbašnik, Alojz Parg, Čabar
Zbašnik, Antun 34 Vrhovci, Tršće
Zbašnik, Antun 60 Tršće
Zbašnik, Antun 33 Vrhovci, Tršće
Zbašnik, Filip 5 Gorači, Čabar
Zbašnik, Franjo 26 Vrhovci, Tršće
Zbašnik, Izidor 53 Parg, Čabar
Zbašnik, Josip 29 Vrhovci, Tršće
Zbašnik, Marija 1 Vrhovci, Tršće
Zbašnik, Marija 1 Vrhovci, Tršće
Zbašnik, Vjekoslav 2 Vrhovci, Tršće
Zbašnik, Vjekoslav 23 Vrhovci, Tršće
Žagar, Agata 56 Tajčari, Prezid
Žagar, Anka 54 Prezid
Žagar, Antun 51 Vode, Gerovo
Žagar, Antun 51 Požarnica, Plešce
Žagar, Antun 79 Prezid
Žagar, Antun 66 Kotar
Žagar, Blaž Vode, Gerovo
Žagar, Ferdinand 54 Gorači, Čabar
Žagar, Filip 7 Prezid
Žagar, Franjica 19 Tajčari, Prezid
Žagar, Franjo 4 mo. Kampor Camp
Žagar, Franjo 42 Vode, Gerovo
Žagar, Ivanka 22 Ravnice, Tršće
Žagar, Ivan 1 Tajčari, Prezid
Žagar, Ivan 19 Markov Hrib, Tršće
Žagar, Ivan 71 Vrhovci, Tršće
Žagar, Ivan 66 Gorači, Čabar
Žagar, Ivanka 54 Selo, Tršće
Žagar, Ivka 89 Brinjeva Draga, Tršće
Žagar, Josip 22 Čabar
Žagar, Josip 40 Čabar
Žagar, Josip 40 Žaguri, Čabar
Žagar, Josipina 4 mo. Kampor Camp
Žagar, Marica 2 Vrhovci, Tršće
Žagar, Miljenko 5 mo. Vrhovci, Tršće
Žagar, Mirko 1 Čabar
Žagar, Miroslav 82 Požarnica, Plešce
Žagar, Petar 8 Tajčari, Plešce
Žagar, Stjepan 19 Vode, Gerovo
Žagar, Tereza 1 mo. Kampor Camp
Žagar, Tereza 24 Prezid
Žagar, Valentin 30 Ravnice, Tršće
Žagar, Vjekoslav 46 Selo, Tršće
Žagar, Vladimir 16 Ravnice, Tršće
Žagar, Zorka 31 Parg, Čabar
Žerjavic, Fridrih 51 Vrhovci, Tršće

KASTAV. A medieval town on the outskirts of Rijeka. The town includes the hamlets of Rubeši, Dolčići, Tometići and Ćikovići. The poet and educator Vladimir Nazor, who served as the first President of ZAVNOH, taught for a time in the town's school. A bust of Nazor can be found in the town along with other dignitaries associated with Kastav.

Below the town, in a spot known as Bani, stands a monument dedicated to 12 men executed at that spot by the Italians on 6 June 1942. The monument consists of a semicircular wall topped by a star. To the left, a plaque containing a hammer and sickle and, to the right, a plaque containing a shining star are inserted into the wall. In the center of the wall, a limestone plaque lists the names and birthdates of those executed. The information provided is as follows:

Cetina Kuzma Born 1919
Dukić Milan Born 1922
Franković Vazmo Born 1911
Hlača Josip Born 1917
Jurčić Viktor Born 1909
Jurčić Viktor Born 1912
Klopčar Milan Born 1911
Milih Bruno Born 1910
Milih Ivan Born 1909
Mladenić Marijan Born 1914
Rubeša Ivan Born 1910
Srok Franjo Born 1896





Švob further lists the following persons from Kastav who were killed or executed by Fascist forces in the years shown:

Ćiković, Franjo 1941
Jugo Sebastijan 1942
Sinčić, Marijan 1942

Butorović also lists the following individuals from Kastav killed during the War who were pre-War members of the KPH or SKOJ:

Brozović, Danilo
Grbac, Mario

Primorsko lists the following Partisans from Kastav killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Ćikovic, Josip 1919-1944
Dukić, Drago ?-1944
Grbac, Rikard 1914-1944
Jardas, Ivan 1918-1944
Pavlinić, Vjekoslav 1924-1944
Rebuša, Stanko 1923-1944
Srok, Josip 1922-1944

KLANA. A town near the Slovenian border, it was part of Italy between the two World Wars. The town contains a newly renovated memorial park. The park contains a plaque dated 27 July 1981 commemorating the death of 78 members of the 3rd Overseas Shock Brigade (Prekomorska Udarna Brigada) between 20 April and 30 April 1945 during the battle for the iberation of Klana. The Brigade was primarly composed of Croats and Slovenes who found themselves in Italy when the Allies invaded the country (whether as a result of being placed in Italian concentration camps or being forced to serve in the Italian Army). The Allies allowed the Partisans to recruit soldiers from these Croats and Slovenses. The plaque specifically notes that the Brigade had over 2400 soldiers, most of them from Istria and the Slovenian Primorje.

Another plaque dated September 1987 commemorates the deaths of 124 members of the First Dalmatian Proletarian Brigade during battles in the area of Klana from 23 April to 6 May 1945.

The park also contains a monument to Anton Raspor (1899-1961), born in Klana and buried in the local cemetary. Raspor, who lived in Cleveland in the United States for a time, had been a volunteer for Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War and had served as commander of the first Partisan unit which operated in Istria during World War II. A number of towns in Istria (including Pula and Opatija) have streets named after Raspor.

Klana's town cemetery also contains a plaque commemorating the deaths of Josip Slosar (1908-1943), killed during the War, and Josip Slosar (1934-1944) who was killed in the massacre while visiting Lipa. The cemetery further contains a plaque dated 4 June 1964 in honor of those from the 30th Dalmatian Shock Division.







The work Gubici lists the following Partisans from the town killed during the War:

Bratović, Josip ?-?
Gauš, Anton 1920-1944
Gržina, Franc 1919-1945
Grižinčić, Franjo 1913-1944
Gržinčić, Alojz 1924-1943
Grižinčić, Anton 1917-1943
Juriša, Vinko 1924-1944
Karlović, Zoran 1928-1944
Lovričić, Anton 1919-1944
Marinčić, Vladimir 1925-1944
Matirka, Josip ?-1945
Medvedić, Željko ?-?
Raspor, Ivan 1910-1943
Simčić, Franco ?-1944
Slosar, Josip 1908-1943
Starčić, Josip 1925-1943
Stupar, Vid 1926-1943
Šustar, Marijan 1912-1943
Valenčić, Anton 1923-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the town:

Gauš, Ivan 1891-1945
Gauš, Juraj 1888-1944
Grgurina, Zvonko 1903-1944
Gržinić, Franjo 1913-1944
Iskra, Mate 1903-1943
Kalčić, Andrija 1906-1944
Kalčić, Ivan 1908-1943
Kočevar, Josip 1901-1944
Laginja, Angela 1927-1944
Laginja, Anton 1922-1944
Laginja, Antonija 1930-1944
Laginja, Ruža 1916-1943
Medvedić, Klara 1933-1944
Medvedić, Milka 1893-1943
Medvedić, Pavle 1903-1944
Nelc, Margareta 1904-1044
Raspor, Ana 1895-1944
Raspor, Anton 1900-1944
Raspor, Drago 1920-?
Raspor, Dušan 1920-?
Raspor, Franjo 1914-1945
Raspor, Josip 1902-1944
Samsa, Franjo 1915-1945
Slosar, Josip 1934-1944 (also listed under the victims killed at Lipa)
Starčić, Franjo 1931-1942
Stupar, Pavle 1911-1944
Šnjader, Franjo 1908-?
Šnajder, Ivan 1898-1945
Šnajder, Slava 1920-1944
Šnajder, Vladimir 1921-1944
Štemberger, Ivan 1882-1945
Tomšić, Aleksandar 1920-1943
Zoretić, Kazimir 1892-1944

KLENOVICA. A fishing village south of Novi Vinodolski on the road to Senj.  A plaque placed on one of the houses in the village commemorates the following Partisans from the settlement who were killed during the War (of whom Mate, Franjo, Ivan and Jure Miletić were brothers):

Komadina, Ivan
Miletić, Franjo
Miletić, Ivan
Miletić, Ivan
Miletić, Jure
Miletić, Milan


KOSTRENA. A suburb of Rijeka, Kostrena consists of a string of settlements between Rijeka and Bakar. It is especially known for its maritime tradition.

The town cemetery contains a memorial wall to those killed on land, at sea and as Victims of Fascist Terror during the War. The wall contains a large black marble plaque on which is inscribed the names of the victims and their respective birth and death dates.

The information concerning those killed listed below is taken from Kostrena u NOB-u (Kostrena in the National Liberation War), Rijeka: Društveno-političke organizacije Kostrene, 1976:

Bašić Božidar 1913-1945
Bašić Franjo 1918-1945
Bašić Milivoj 1919-1943
Bašić Petar 1927-1944
Batina Ivan 1914-1943
Bruketa Slavko Jurin 1913-1943
Bubanj Ludviga 1923-1942
Bubanj Vladimir 1920-1943
Cerović Jeronimo 1897-1943
Ćepulić Željko 1920-1944
Doričić Milivoj 1925-1944
Dragičević Branko 1933-1943
Dujmić Anđelo 1888-1943
Dujmić Ante 1921-1942
Dujmić Davor 1930-1944
Dujmić Miroslav 1883-1942
Dujmić Živko 1904-1945
Fućak Nevenko 1925-1944
Glavan Marijan - Geškula 1915-1944
Glavan Marijan - Ućin 1913-1943
Glažar Albin 1914-1943
Glažar Artur 1903-1943
Glažar Marija nee Šodić 1864-1944
Glažar Marijan 1915-1942
Glažar Živko 1914-1944
Grdaković Nikola 1898-1943
Horvat Vilma 1924-1944
Karabajić Josip 1920-1922
Katalinić Vladimir 1928-1944
Kavrečić Julije 1923-1945
Knafel Danilo 1923-1944
Knežević Juraj 1905-1944
Knežević Milan 1912-1943
Kordiš Anton 1911-1945
Krajačić Ivana nee Jurišić 1906-1944
Krbavac Ivan - Đino 1920-1944
Linčić Ljubomir 1923-1943
Majnarić Branko 1922-1944
Malvić Milan 1917-1943
Mandekić Krešimir 1924-1944
Marunić Cvjeta 1913-1943
Marunić Ratimir 1915-1944
Matković Franjo 1909-1943
Mavrinac Slavko 1922-1944
Mažer Milorad 1926-1944
Medanić Čedomir 1922-1943
Medanić Darko 1923-1945
Medanić Franjo 1888-1946
Miloš Ljubinko 1922-?
Miškulin Ivan 1928-1945
Nekić Branko 1915-1944
Nekić Dušan 1928-1944
Nekić Ljubica 1925-1943
Oliveri Vjekoslav - Milo 1925-1943
Pajkurić Marijan 1914-1943
Pajkurić Slavko 1919-1942
Paškvan Branko 1926-1943
Paškvan Ljubomir 1927-1943
Paškvan Mihovil 1917-1942
Perić Vidor 1919-1943
Perović Atilijo 1914-1943
Pezelj Pijerina nee Krajačić
Pezelj Žarko 1924-1944
Poje Aleksandar - Poje 1921-1942
Polese Viktor 1919-1945
Ramini Petar 1908-1943
Ramini Vinko 1901-1943
Randić Josip 1889-1944
Randić Marijan 1922-1944
Rauch Zdenko 1908-1945
Rosović Ivan 1919-1941
Rožić Ivan 1887-1942
Rožmanić Ernest 1901-1943
Rus Anton - Crni 1920-1942
Ružić Lucija 1888-1943
Ružić Marija nee Sablić 1877-1943
Ružić Vojko 1916-1942
Sablić Ivan - Đula 1908-1942
Sablić Ivo 1919-1942
Sablić Milivoj 1940-1945
Sablić Neda 1926-1945
Skračić Roko 1902-1944
Smail Danijel 1921-1943
Smail Milan 1926-1943/44
Smojever Miroslav 1924-1943
Smokvina Marinko - Murat 1923-1943
Smokvina Milan - Tvrdi 1918-1944
Sović Branimir 1913-1942
Stipanović Drago 1895-1944
Sušanj Gojko 1924-1945
Suzanić Ivan - Jović 1914-1943
Suzanić Vazmoslav 1915-1944
Šarinić Josip 1912-1944
Šarinić Ladislav 1908-1944
Šikić Andjelo 1911-1942
Škoda Josip - Joso 1900-1943
Šodić Anton 1892-1943
Šodić Grga 1887-?
Šodić Ivo 1924-1944
Šoić Ante - Car 1927-1944
Šubat Davor - Mate 1920-1942
Tićac Dragomir 1906-1944
Tićac Ladislava 1902-1944
Tijan Celesta 1899-1944
Tijan Ivan (Veli Ivan) 1914-1943
Tijan Marijan 1914-1944
Tomasini Leo - Ladislav 1924-1944
Tomasini Romeo 1926-1945
Tomašević Marko 1903-1943
Tomić Tihomil 1927-1944
Tonković Teodor 1921-1942
Vičević Davor 1924-1943
Vicić Ivica 1915-1944
Vicić Viktor 1918-1944
Volarić Laura 1926-1945
Vranić August 1863-1943
Vranić Bogomil 1910-1941
Vranić Čedo 1926-1945
Vrh Elvir - Satan 1920-1942
Vukoša Milivoj 1919-1943
Zalašček Franc 1903-1942
Žic Zdravko 1926-1945
Žgur Sava 1905-1945
Žgur Toma 1906-1943
Žgur Vojislav - Ahil 1925-1944
Župan Dinko 1920-1943











Primorsko further lists the following Partisans from Kostrena killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Franković, Vladimir ?-1944
Katnić, Augustin 1923-1943
Urh, Tihimir ?-?

Butorović further lists the following pre-War member of SKH or SKOJ from Kostrena killed during the War:

Sinčić, Ljubomir
Sljepčević, Milan
Tijan, Franjo

A monument in Kostrena marks the spot where on 7 September 1943 five persons were executed. The monument is dated 4 July 1966. The names listed on the monument are as follows:

Matković Franjo
Paškvan Branko
Paškvan Ljubo
Ramini Petar
Rozmanić Ernest

A marble plaque on a supporting wall below the town hall lists the names of five local men killed during the War. The information listed on the plaque is as follows:

Mandekić Krešimir Killed 7 November 1944
Sablić Ivan Killed 27 May 1942
Šarinić Josip Killed 7 November 1944
Šubat Davor Killed 27 May 1942
Tonković Teodor Killed 13 October 1942

KRAS. A settlement in the interior of Krk Island. The work Primorsko lists the following Partisans from the settlement killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Baždana, Ivan 1925-1943
Justinić, Anton 1920-1943
Justinić, Ivan 1920-1943

KRASICA. A settlement located above Bakar. It includes the hamlets of Ostrovice, Gornje Jelenje and Lepenice.

Švob lists the following persons from Krasica as having been executed by Fascist forces in 1942:

Antić, Mate
Mikuličić, Kuzma


Primorsko lists the following Partisans from Krasica killed during the War who served in the Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Mikulić, Mladen 1923-1945
Paravić, Ivan 1911-1944

KRK ISLAND - MISCELLANEOUS. The work Primorsko lists a number of Partisans from Krk Island killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade without identifying any specific town on the Island:

Kosić, Ivan 1925-1943
Pende, Ivan ?-1944
Žgolić, Petar 1925-1943 (note - this may be misprint and the correct name may be Žgombić)

KRMPOTE.  A series of villages located south of Novi Vinodolski, Krmpote was settled by the so-called Bunjevci (refugees from the Turks) in the early 17th century.  The main World War II memorial is located in Krmpotska luka, several kilometers from the coast.  The monument consists of a limestone wall on which are placed names of Partisans and Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War.  The monument dates from 1971 and includes a quotation from Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža concerning Krmpote.  Certain names are difficult to read in the available photograph.

The names of Partisans killed are as follows:

Balen Srećko - Pedula
Balen Mirko - Sakan
Balen Marko
Balen Drago
Blažević Franjo
Blažević Ilija
Blažević Joso-Vidin
Butković Anica
Butković Fabijan
Butković Franjo-Nikes
Butković Ive - Nikes
Butković Joso -  Justa
Butković Marija
Butković Marijo - Joso
Butković Mate - Marijan
Butković Mate - Kremen
Butković Mate
Butković Stipe - Stipanov
Butković Tone - Stupica
Butković Viktor
Filipović Boža - Jelena
Filipović Franjo
Filipović Ive
Filipović Marica
Filipović Ive - Broza
Kalanj Rudje - Matin
Komadina Ivan
Komadina Mate
Komadina Mile - Popic
Komadina Tone - Popic
Krpan Ive
Krpan Jure - Antin
Krpan Anton
Krpan Pere – Mijin
Krpan Pere
Miletić Frane
Miletić Jure
Miletić Mate
Padjen Ivica
Pavelić Ive
Pavelić Mile
Pavelić Mile
Pavelić Ivan
Tomljanović Franjo
Tomljanović Mile - Lešo
Vukelić Ive-Evin
Vukelić Šime-Bariša



Butković Ilija-Stanko

The names of the Victims of Fascist Terror listed are as follows:

Butorac Kata-Pandurova
Butorac Marko-Perjan
Butorac Marko-Pilipac
Butorac Mate
Butorac Pave
Butorac Ruža-Martinova
Butorac Zora-Martinova
Butorac Tomislav-Slavkov
Butorac Ive-Tonkin
Cvitković Marija
Filipović Luka-Pentic
Filipović Joso-Pentić
Filipović Grga-
Komadina Luka-Vladin
Komadina Pave
Krpan Franjo-Martin
Krpan Ivan
Miletić Iva
Pavelić Ive
Tomičić Slavko
Tomičić Marko
Šnajder Marica

KUKULJANI. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik and Jelenje. The work Grobinština lists the following information concerning Partisans from the village killed during World War II:

Kukuljan, Mate 1921-1945
Kukuljan, Konstantin 1912-?
Kukuljan, Marica 1925-?
Kukuljan, Milivoj 1920-1944
Kukuljan, Milovan 1921-1944
Kukuljan, Stanko 1925-1942
Kukuljan, Radovan 1924-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the settlement:

Kukuljan, Božo 1908-?
Kukuljan, Juraj 1895-1943

The same work further lists the following Victims of War from the settlement:

Brnelić, Valentin 1892-?
Kukuljan, Filip 1870-1944
Kukuljan, Josip 1899-1944
Kukuljan Jure 1894-1944
Kukuljan, Ljubo 1932-1943
Kukuljan, Mariska 1924-1943
Kukuljan, Tomo 1931-?
Kukuljna, Zvonko 1932-1945
Linić, Metod 1902-1944

KUKULJANOVO. A settlement in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik and Jelenje. The work Grobinština lists the following information concerning Partisans from the settlement killed during World War II:

Ban, Ivan 1910-1943
Bašić, Božo 1913-1945
Bašić, Franjo 1918-1945
Borčić, Franjo 1896-1942
Borčić, Franjo 1920-1943
Broznić, Branko 1920-1944
Broznić, Živko 1906-1943
Cuculić, Đorde 1925-1943
Cuculić, Ivan 1919-1943
Cuculić, Josip 1925-1943
Dubravčić, Josip ?-1943
Dubravčić, Stjepan ?-1943
Ježić, Krunoslav 1926-1943
Ježić, Miljenko 1922-1943
Kopajtić, Ivan 1907-1943
Mavrinac, Petar 1903-1943
Mičetić, Slavko 1912-1945
Mičetić, Zdravko 1925-1944
Perić, Anton 1915-1943
Srića, Viktor 1902-1943
Šišul, Petar 1909-1943

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the settlement killed during the War:

Cuculić, Marija ?-1943
Cuculić, Mima ?-1943
Draženović, Josip ?-1942
Fabijančić, Franjo 1901-1942
Hrvojević, Vicko 1900-1943
Maračić, Anton 1895-1943
Maračić, Nikola 1910-1942
Maračić, Zdenko ?-1942
Mavrinac, Danica ?-1942
Miculinić, Josip 1907-1943
Mičetić, Andrija 1878-1943
Mičetić, Ivan 1906-1942
Mičetić, Jova 1898-1943
Pavletić, Milan 1915-1942
Šepić, Kuzma 1900-1943
Veić, Ivan 1898-1942

The same work also lists the following Victims of War from the settlement:

Cuculić, Marija 1880-1943
Cuculić, Zdravka 1941-1943

Butorović also lists the following pre-War member of the KPH or SKOJ from Kukuljanovo killed during the War:

Veić, Zvonko

Švob lists the following person from Kukuljanovo executed by Fascist forces in 1942:

Vičević, Milan

KUPJAK.  A village in the Gorski kotar on the Rijeka-Zagreb road, between the towns of Delnice and Skrad.  A plaque in the village commemorates Kazimir Kruljac and his wife, Marija Kruljac, who were one of the initial Partisans in the area killed during Wolrd War II. 

LEDENICE. A village in the Vinodol Valley located approximately 8 kilometers from Novi Vinodolski. Ledenice and associated hamlets extend approximately 10 to 15 kilometers into the mountains behind Novi Vinodolski. The town was first mentioned in the 13th century and its representatives were signatories to the Vinodol Law (Vinodolski zakon). The ruins of a Frankopan castle dominate the village. The village is the birthplace of Anka Padjen who was declared a People's Hero. She was killed in 1945. It is also the birthplace of Milan Mataija, a member of the HSS who was a sympathizer and later member of the Communist Party; he was killed in 1943. Busts of both Padjen and Mataija are located in front of the former village school, across the way from the local parish church. Ledenice and its surrounding hamlets were one of the first areas of mass Croat uprisings against Italian rule in 1941.

A monument to those killed during the War is located in the nearby settlement of Bater, the work of Belizar Bahorić. A plaque in Breze on the road towards Ogulin commemorates the December 1941 attacks on Italian troops in the area, one of the earliest Partisan actions in the County.





The recently restored Partisan monument in Ledenice's cemetery consists of a crypt containing the remains of those killed during World War II. The monument lists 56 names on the crypt, accompanied by the date of birth of each individual (the dates of death in brackets are based on information found in Primorkso):

Buneta, M. Ivan Born 1921
Buneta, F. Luka Born 1906
Buneta, J. Milan Born 1921
Buneta, N. Nikola Born 1917
Buneta, N. Stjepan Born 1921
Buneta, J. Drago Born 1922
Buneta, J. Anton Born 1911
Butorac, S. Anton Born 1923
Butorac, S. Dragica Born 1927
Butorac, A. Anton Born 1918
Butković, A. Emil Born 1927
Butković, F. Petar Born 1925
Butković, M. Mile Born 1925
Butković, L. Pavao Born 1911
Butković, L. Anka Born 1916
Frković, G. Ivan Born 1910
Frković, I. Ivan Born 1909
Frković, M. Tome Born 1915
Frković, B. Frane Born 1913
Jurčić, S. Milan Born 1921
Jurčić, A. Milan Born 1922 (died 1944)
Jurčić, P. Pavao Born 1912 (died 1943)
Karlović, T. Ivan Born 1925
Krmpotić, T. Joso Born 1923
Krmpotić, A. Pavao Born 1921
Krmpotić, J. Josip Born 1924
Krmpotić M. Petar Born 1926
Komadina, A. Joso Born 1926
Komadina, S. Rudolf Born 1923
Komadina, S. Mate Born 1910
Komadina, I. Ivan Born 1912
Komadina, T. Ivan Born 1904
Mataija, I. Ivan Born 1914
Mataija, I. Juraj Born 1925
Mataija, M. Mate Born 1926
Mataija, J. Stjepan Born 1925
Mataija, I. Milan Born 1908
Mataija, T. Milan Born 1925
Miletić, I. Mile Born 1923
Miletić, J. Ivica Born 1925
Miletic, I. Mate Born 1906
Miletić, I. Jure Born 1913
Miletić, I. Frane Born 1909
Milošević, G. Grgo Born 1911
Padjen, J. Anka Born 1924
Padjen, M. Pavao Born 1922 (died 1944)
Padjen, G. Anton Born 1902
Padjen, A. Ivan Born 1926
Pemper, R. Rafael Born 1916
Pemper, B. Dragutin Born 1922
Pemper J. Jure Born 1921
Stilin, F. Marijan Born 1919
Spinčić, L. Dragutin Born 1916
Uremović, R. Razmo Born 1922
Kalanj, M. Jure Born 1907
Kalanj, M. Rude Born 1925

According to materials in Vinodolski zbornik, Petar Juričić from Ledenice was also killed in 1944 by Fascist forces.

LIČ. A settlement in the Gorski kotar.

Švob lists one person who was executed by Fascist forces in 1942 from the town:

Starčević, Stjepan -Matočev

Primorsko lists the following Partisans from the town killed during the War who served in the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade:

Budiselić, Josip ?-?
Maras, Marijan ?-?
Milošević, Dragan 1921-1944
Milošević, Ivan 1920-1942
Pavlić, Juraj 1912-1942
Radošević, Josip 1925-1943
Starčević, Anton 1909-1944
Starčević, Josip 1927-1944
Starčević, Juraj 1908-1944
Starčević, Juraj 1920-1933
Starčević, Zvonko 1906-1943
Tomljanović, Matija 1921-1944
Vičić, Juraj 1923-1944

LINDARIĆI - MILOHNIĆI. Settlements located in the interior, western part of the island of Krk. A list of Partisans killed during the War from the villages is found in volume 16 (1986) of Krčki zbornik. The age when they died is based on a monument found in the villages, the inscrption of which is reprinted in the same work:

Jurašć, Ivan 20 year old
Kraljić, Andre 20 years old
Lindarić, Ivan 21 years old
Žgaljić, Josip 22 years old
Žgaljić, Mate 22 years old
Žužić, Marijan 17 years old

The same work lists the following as having been killed in German and Italian concentration camps:

Lindarić, Frane 37 years old
Lindarić, Josip 19 years old
Lindarić, Ivan 47 years old

LIPA. Lipa is located near the border crossing with Slovenia at Rupa, on the road to Klana. Lipa is the site of one of the worst mass exections of Croatian civilians during World War II. In retaliation for the village's support of the resistance, on 30 April 1944 a squadron of Germans and Italians engaged in the whole-scale destruction of the village. The massacre was such that many bodies could not be identified. The village itself was razed to the ground.

The amount of people killed remains open to question, though a commission in 1983/84 determined that at least 269 people were killed. Their names, grouped by house numbers, are placed on a simple memorial located at the entrance to the village. The memorial is semicircular with a pillar in the middle on which is sculpted a star. A cross was subsequently added on top of the pillar. The monument is placed within the remains of a house destroyed by the Germans and Italians. The walls of the house are decorated with numerous memorial plaques and photos placed there by individual familes.

Parts of the village were purposely not repaired after the 1944 massacre and were turned into a memorial. A plaque from 1974 states that on 30 April 1944 German and Italian occupiers set fire to the town, destroying 87 homes and 85 other buildings.









A memorial museum to the 1944 events is housed in the restored former village school.

The names of those killed on 30 April 1944 listed on the memorial with their birth dates are as follows (the list below was taken from information provided in Gubici):

Afrić Ana Born 1905
Afrić Anton Born 1908
Afrić Gizela Born 1936
Afrić Ivanka Born 1914
Afrić Ivić Born 1939
Afrić Katarina Born 1913
Afrić Laura Born 1941
Afrić Marija Born 1887
Afrić Marija Born 1906
Afrić Marija Born 1911
Afrić Marija Born 1938
Afrić Marijo Born 1938
Afrić Stanka Born 1937
Bernetić Ana Born 1896
Bernetić Ivanka Born 1914
Bernetić Marica Born 1941
Bernetić Marija born 1868
Bernetić Marija Born 1902
Bernetić Milivoj Born 1938
Brajan Ema Born 1938
Brajan Emica Born 1916
Brajan Gabrijel Born 1937
Brnetić Josip Born 1874
Brnetić Kate Born 1878
Celgoj Ivan Born 1875
Gaberšnik Jožefa Born 1874
Iskra Adam Born 1931
Iskra Atilijo Born 1937
Iskra Bosiljka Born 1943
Iskra Daniel Born 1929
Iskra Darinka Born 1924
Iskra Dragica Born 1931
Iskra Jelena Born 1877
Iskra Johana Born 1890
Iskra Josip Born 1874
Iskra Josip Born 1882
Iskra Lucija Born 1874
Iskra Marija Born 1887
Iskra Marija Born 1893
Iskra Marija Born 1919
Iskra Marijo Born 1935
Iskra Milica Born 1938
Iskra Pepica Born 1927
Iskra Romano Born 1940
Iskra Štefanija Born 1929
Iskra Tonka Born 1911
Ivančić Anica Born 1912
Ivančić Anica Born 1938
Ivančić Anton Born 1906
Ivančić Franko Born 1937
Ivančić Ivan Born 1942
Ivančić Ivanka Born 1878
Ivančić Lučjano Born 1936
Ivančić Marija Born 1904
Ivančić Marija Born 1909
Jakšetić Bruno Born 1931
Jakšetić Danica Born 1928
Jakšetić Emica Born 1933
Jakšetić Katarina Born 1864
Jakšetić Katarina Born 1904
Jakšetić Katarina Born 1909
Jakšetić Katarina Born 1909
Jakšetić Marija Born 1886
Jakšetić Marija Born 1892
Juranić Helena Born 1898
Jurčić Zora Born 1915
Juričić Amalija Born 1909
Juričić Ana Born 1941
Juričić Anton Born 1861
Juričić Anton Born 1900
Juričić Anton Born 1933
Juričić Danica Born 1924
Juričić Ivan Born 1870
Juričić Ivanka Born 1903
Juričić Ivanka Born 1919
Juričić Josipa Born 1879
Juričić Josipa Born 1893
Juričić Jožefa Born 1871
Juričić Milan Born 1941
Kalčić Albina Born 1895
Kalčić Branka Born 1932
Kalčić Brnaka Born 1931
Kalčić Bruna Born 1937
Kalčić Edo Born 1941
Kalčić Frane Born 1904
Kalčić Ivan Born 1873
Kalčić Ivan Born 1929
Kalčić Ivan Born 1936
Kalčić Ivanka Born 1921
Kalčić Jele Born 1897
Kalčić Josip Born 1872
Kalčić Josip Born 1897
Kalčić Josip Born 1928
Kalčić Jožef Born 1940
Kalčić Katarina Born 1911
Kalčić Kate Born 1892
Kalčić Lucija Born 1922
Kalčić Marija Born 1900
Kalčić Marija Born 1902
Kalčić Marijo Born 1935
Kalčić Milan Born 1932
Kalčić Pepa Born 1912
Kalčić Rozina Born 1924
Kalčić Tonka Born 1903
Kalčić Verica Born 1939
Maljavac Ana Born 1909
Maljavac Anton Born 1937
Maljavac Ivan Born 1941
Puharić Ankica Born 1928
Puharić Ivan Born 1939
Puharić Tonka Born 1914
Puž Anton Born 1875
Puž Marija Born 1895
Puž Milka Born 1911
Puž Slavica Born 1932
Simčić Ane Born 1896
Simčić Anica Born 1938
Simčić Anita Born 1937
Simčić Anton Born 1864
Simčić Anton Born 1884
Simčić Anton Born 1905
Simčić Anton Born 1906
Simčić Anton Born 1913
Simčić Antonija Born 1911
Simčić Antonija Born 1915
Simčić Branko Born 1938
Simčić Danilo
Simčić Davor Born 1941
Simčić Djema Born 1941
Simčić Dragica Born 1930
Simčić Edo Born 1939
Simčić Erminija Born 1937
Simčić Frane Born 1899
Simčić Gvido Born 1942
Simčić Helena Born 1876
Simčić Helena Born 1878
Simčić Helena Born 1883
Simčić Italo Born 1932
Simčić Ivan Born 1882
Simčić Ivan Born 1885
Simčić Ivan Born 1937
Simčić Ivana Born 1875
Simčić Ivanka Born 1914
Simčić Jelena Born 1898
Simčić Johana Born 1905
Simčić Josip Born 1868
Simčić Josip Born 1868
Simčić Josip Born 1870
Simčić Josip Born 1880
Simčić Josipa Born 1895
Simčić Josipa Born 1906
Simčić Josipa Born 1924
Simčić Jožefa Born 1867
Simčić Jožefa Born 1874
Simčić Jožefa Born 1914
Simčić Katarina Born 1886
Simčić Katarina Born 1903
Simčić Katarina Born 1920
Simčić Katarina Born 1942
Simčić Liljana Born 1934
Simčić Marica Born 1940
Simčić Marija Born 1871
Simčić Marija Born 1876
Simčić Marija Born 1885
Simčić Marija Born 1890
Simčić Marija Born 1892
Simčić Marija Born 1894
Simčić Marija Born 1900
Simčić Marija Born 1910
Simčić Marija Born 1922
Simčić Marija Born 1933
Simčić Marijo Born 1932
Simčić Marijo Born 1933
Simčić Marijo Born 1935
Simčić Mate Born 1875
Simčić Matija Born 1910
Simčić Milan Born 1929
Simčić Milan Born 1938
Simčić Milan Born 1940
Simčić Pepa Born 1872
Simčić Stanislav Born 1941
Simčić Stanko Born 1936
Simčić Stanko Born 1937
Simčić Tereza Born 1912
Simčić Tone Born 1888
Simčić Tonić Born 1933
Simčić Tonka Born 1910
Simčić Verica Born 1931
Simčić Vika Born 1907
Simčić Vika Born 1916
Simčić Vincenca Born 1922
Simčić Vinko Born 1936
Simčić Zora Born 1923
Šlosar Anton Born 1894
Slosar Elvira Born 1933
Slosar Elvira Born 1940
Slosar Ivan Born 1872
Slosar Ivan Born 1887
Slosar Ivan Born 1917
Slosar Ivan Born 1941
Slosar Ivana Born 1910
Slosar Josip Born 1934
Slosar Jože Born 1899
Slosar Karla Born 1943
Slosar Katarina Born 1880
Slosar Katarina Born 1900
Slosar Katarina Born 1901
Slosar Marija Born 1864
Šlosar Marija Born 1901
Slosar Marija Born 1908
Slosar Marija Born 1927
Slosar Marija Born 1939
Slosar Marija Born 1939
Slosar Milan Born 1929
Šlosar Milenka Born 1931
Smajla Anton Born 1879
Smajla Anton Born 1897
Smajla Anton Born 1901
Smajla Ivan Born 1891
Smajla Ivana Born 1893
Smajla Ivanka Born 1894
Smajla Ivanka Born 1922
Smajla Jakob Born 1874
Smajla Josipa Born 1910
Smajla Katarina Born 1895
Smajla Marija Born 1883
Smajla Marija Born 1887
Smajla Rozalija Born 1902
Smajla Stojan Born 1932
Smajla Valerija Born 1931
Smaljla Kate Born 1874
Surina Marija Born 1879
Tomšić Anton Born 1878
Tomšić Antonija Born 1905
Tomšić Davorin Born 1937
Tomšić Pepa Born 1890
Tomšić Pepca Born 1905
Tomšić Stanislav Born 1935
Tončinić Anton Born 1863
Tončinić Anton Born 1896
Tončinić Dragica Born 1931
Tončinić Ivan Born 1903
Tončinić Ivanka Born 1905
Tončinić Ivanka Born 1933
Tončinić Kate Born 1898
Tončinić Nevenka Born 1931
Ujčić Alfredo Born 1940
Ujčić Josip Born 1880
Ujčić Marija Born 1882
Valenčić Aleksandra Born 1891
Valenčić Frana Born 1900
Valenčić Ida Born 1921
Valenčić Ivan Born 1891
Valenčić Ivan Born 1900
Valenčić Katica Born 1921
Valenčić Marica Born 1933
Valenčić Milica Born 1943
Valenčić Miloš Born 1932
Valenčić Rina Born 1941
Valenčić Stanko Born 1936
Valenčić Tonka Born 1909
Vičić Anton Born 1885
Vičić Marija Born 1894
Vičić Tonka Born 1922
Vrabec Boris Born 1930
Vrabec Milka Born 1910

Lipa also has a separate monument dedicated to Partisans and other Victims of Fascist Terror killed during the War. The monument lists the names and birth and death dates of each person. The names of the Partisans listed are:

Afrić Vilko-Skaljanov 1923-1944
Afrić Vladimir-Ivićev 1925-1945
Brnetić Anton-Vrbanov 1920-1944
Brnetić Ivan-Vrbanov 1906-1944
Gaberšnik Miloš-Frajtov 1926-1945
Iskra Franjo-Gašpetinov 1896-1944
Iskra Marija-Gašpetinov 1922-1944
Iskra Stanko-Tonkin 1924-1943
Ivančić Anton-Pomatov 1906-1944
Jakšetić Slavko-Skabin 1926-1944
Simčić Anton-Gržev 1925-1944
Simčić Dušan-Zejankin 1924-1944
Šlosar Franjo-Brgujčev 1904-1944
Šlosar Mario-Garin 1924-1943
Smajla Franjo-Jelicin 1919-1943
Smajla Josip-Lovrisicev 1914-1943
Smajla Nino-Maričin 1925-1943
Smajla Vladimir-Ivančićev 1928-1943
Vičić Anton-Kravaričin 1925-1944

The names of the Victims of Fascist Terror are:

Afrić Ivan-Ivicev 1910-1944
Afrić Josip-Ivicev 1907-1942
Puharić Ivanka-D. Barelova 1888-1944
Šlosar Štefanija-Tišljarova 1914-1944

A plaque marking the spot where Štefanija Šlosar, Franjo Iskra and Marija Iskra were executed on 13 May 1944 is placed on a building in Rupa, at the intersection of the road for Lipa.

LISAC. A village near Klana. The work Gubici lists the following Partisans from the village killed during the War:

Iskra, Anton 1910-1943
Iskra, Mate 1903-1943
Marinac, Anton 1908-1943
Marinac, Franjo 1914-1944
Simčić, Ivan 1924-1944
Šustar Josip 1912-1943
Valenčić, Alojz 1925 (1924?)-1944
Valenčić, Anton 1923-1943
Valenčić, Franjo 1917-1943
Valenčić, Josip 1915-1942
Valenčić, Josip 1906-1943
Valenčić, Milan 1919-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the village:

Iskra, Andre 1899-?
Iskra, Anton 1854 (1916?)-1944
Marinac, Anton 1856?-1944
Marinac, Anton 1915-1945
Valenčić, Marija 1886-1944

LOKVE. A town in Gorski kotar. The main World War II memorial stands next to the parish church and consists of a black marble slab surmounted on a wall. On top of the wall stands a bronze statue of a man holding a rifle on the ground in his right hand while holding his left arm stretched out to the sky. The monument dates from 1989 and is noteworthy for at least two reasons. First, it specifically lists the names of volunteers from Lokve killed in the Spanish Civil War (Lokve has the distinction of boasting the one of the largest number of volunteers to come from any village in Croatia and in the former Yugoslavia as a whole). Second, it specifically notes that one of the Victims of Fascist Terror is a priest.

The volunteers killed in the Spanish Civil War are as follows:

Bertagnin Alojz
Bolf Roko
Cenčić Ferdinand
Mance Branko
Vukonić Lovro
Žagar Englebert

The names of the Partisans killed during the War are as follows (the birth and death dates are based on information in Primorsko):

Beljan Franjo
Bolf Nikola
Burcar Anton
Burcar Ivan
Budković Marijan
Cenčić Živko
Cenčić Matija
Čop Branko
Frančišković Anton 1923-1943
Golac Ivan
Grgurić Anton - Dimljačar
Grgurić Ivan
Grgurić Josip
Grgurić Nikola
Grgurić Viktor
Iskra Vinko
Jakovac Branko 1920-1944
Jakovac Dragutin 1916-1944
Jerbić Nikola
Kejfeš Vladimir 1920-1945
Lisac Franjo
Malnar Jakov
Mikuličić Anton
Mihelčić Ivan
Mihelčić Ljubomir
Mihelčić Slavko
Mihelčić Vjenćeslav
Ožanić Marijan
Petrlić Branko
Radošević Ivan
Šafar Ivan
Štenberger Franjo
Štengl Zlatko
Štiglić Anton
Štiglić Branko
Vukonić Anton 1914-1942
Jerbić Vladimir
Crnčić Stanko







The information for the Victims of Fascist Terror are as follows (the dates of death are based on information in Švob):

Bolf Katarina
Burcar Vladimir
Budković Franjo
Budković Marijan
Čop Karlo 1942
Čop Vladimir 1942
Čop Marijan
Ferderber Mina
Frančišković Juraj
Grgurić Ivan
Grgurić Stjepan
Šafar Ivan
Štiglic Vinko
Štimac Karlo - A priest
Jakovac Luka
Malnar Klemento
Mihelčić Anton
Marinić Milan
Mihelčić Ivan
Miletić Franciska
Mikuličić Andjelko
Ožanić Anton 1942
Radosević Josip
Šafar Gabrijel
Šafar Juraj
Štiglic Ivan
Štengel Željko

In additon to the above, Lokve's town cemetery contains a number of general memorials to the victims of World War II, including a new one dedicated in 2005.

LOPAČA. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik and Jelenje. The work Grobinština contains the following information concerning Partisans killed during the War:

Prosen, Mate 1894-1942
Prosen, Rafael 1923-1944

The same work also lists the following Victim of War from the village:

Lužavec, Filipina 1913-1945

LOPAR.  A town on Rab Island.  The work Rab lists the following Partisans from the town killed during World War II:

Ćučić, Šime 1914-1944
Gabrić, Anđjelo 1921-1944
Iveškić, Ante 1922-1944
Matahlija, Jakov 1923-1944
Matahlija, Mate 1921-1945
Pećarina, Josip 1917-1943
Perić, Ivan 1915-1943
Petrinić, Nikola 1912-1945
Šanić, Petar 1924-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Facsism and of War from the town:

Belić, Martin 1892-1945
Franelić, Nikola 1904-1944
Gabrić, Ljubica 1936-1946
Pećarina, Bartul 1926-1944
Pećarina, Ivan 1935-1945
Pirić, Josip 1902-1944
Rukavina, Jakov 1915-1945

The work Primorsko also list the following member of the 14th Primorsko-Goranska Brigade from Lopar killed during the War:

Matahlija, Petar 1913-1944

LOVRAN. A medieval town located on the Opatija Riviera. Lovran was the site of an Italian transit prison camp placed at the Hotel Park in the center of town which housed Croats and Slovenes deported from their homes on their way to concentration camps in Italy.

The work Gubici lists the following Partisans killed during the War who came from Lovran:

Aničić, Ivan 1907-1944
Barković, Ivan 1925-1944
Basan, Ivan 1904-1943
Bašan, Josip 1921-1944
Bašan, Nikola 1907-?
Blažić, Andrija 1925-1944
Brubnjak, Milan 1925-19?
Corn, Josip 1925-1944
Gržin, Andre 1903-1943
Gržin, Giulio 1926-1944
Gržanić, Lovro 1923-?
Jakovašić, Ivan 1914-1944
Jurčić, Josip ?-1944
Kalčić, Dušan 1920-1944
Kalokira, Davorin 1923-1944
Kožul, Drago 1913-1944
Krizmanić, Josip 1916-1945
Latin, Albert 1926-1945
Mandić, Andre 1924-1944
Marcel, Stjepan 1925-1944
Martinčić, Božo 1925-1945
Martinčić, Marijo 1922-1944
Mihalić, Franjo 1911-1944
Mihalić, Paškval 1906-1943
Miletiš, Josip 1925-1944
Mišćenić, Ivan 1915-1944
Mušić, Ivan 1924-1944
Palmić, Robert 1910-1944
Perišić, Anton 1921-?
Prelčić, Kazimir 1919-1945
Sirotnjak, Marijan 1925-?
Surijan, Anton 1913-1944
Trdić, Vilim 1899-?
Viškić, Ivan 1910-?
Vladišković, Marijan 1930-1944
Zubić, Anton 1924-1943

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the town:

Bandičić, Umberto 1923-1944
Blažić, Anton 1899?-1944?
Blažić, Karlo 1914-1945
Brubnjak, Josip 1904-?
Gržin, Andrija 1907-1943
Jakovašić, Ivan 1921-?
Jakovašić, Josip 1925-?
Kožul, Mate 1911-1944
Kružić, Anton 1911-1943
Mavrinac, Marija 1896-?
Mahalić, Anton 1901-1944
Mišćenić, Franjo 1909-?
Mrak, Ana 1890-?
Mrak, Petar 1890-?
Negrić, Mario 1931-1944
Palmić, Šanto 1922-1945
Pulić, Ivan 1880-1945
Sirotnjak, Andrija 1862-1944
Sirotnjak, Mario 1925-1945
Skočanić, Radames 1923-?
Šmarić, Petar 1907-1944
Valentin, Ivan 1889-1944
Zehenter, Elizabeta 1898-?

LUBARSKA. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik and Jelenje. The work Grobinština contains the following information concerning Partisans killed during the War:

Juretić, Marija 1927-1945
Puljanić, Leopold 1902-1944
Puljanić, Milan 1925-1944

The same work also lists the following Victims of War from the settlement:

Juričić, Paškva 1870-1945
Valić, Nenad 1929-1945

LUKEŽI. A village in the hinterland of Rijeka, near the medieval settlement of Grobnik and Jelenje. The work Grobinština contains the following information concerning Partisans killed during the War:

Hlača, Ljubomir 1924-?
Ličen, Marijo 1922-?
Lukežič, Fran 1896-1943
Lukežič, Ivan 1901-1944
Lukežič, Marijan 1908-1944
Lukežič, Marijan 1922-1944
Lukežič, Vladimir 1923-1944
Lukežič, Zvonko 1919-1943
Radetić, Ivica 1925-1944
Radetić, Ivica 1925-1944
Radetić, Ljubo 1922-1944
Valić, Lino 1911-1944

The same work lists the following Victims of Fascist Terror from the settlement killed during the War:

Lukežić, Stanko 1911-?
Lukežić, Josip 1897-1943
Nikšić, Ivan 1888-?
Radetić, Mate 1897-1942
Radetić, Stjepan 1872-1941

The same work also lists the following Victims of War:

Lukežič, Franjo 1932-1945
Lukežič, Ljubomir 1942-1945
Radetić, Josip 1936-1945
Radetić, Nevenka 1928-1944
Radetić, Paškva 1896-1945

Butorović lists Danica Lukežić, a pre-War member of the KPH or SKOJ, who was killed during the War.

LUKOVDOL.  A village in Gorski kotar, Lukovdol is the birthplace of poet Ivan Goran Kovačić (born in 1913).  Kovačić attended the University of Zagreb, but dropped out and worked as a journalist.  Though suffering from tuberculosis, he left Zagreb in 1942 together with Vladimir Nazor to join the Partisans.  Kovačić wrote the epic poem Jama (The Pit), one of the best known literary works concerning World War II from the former Yugoslavia.  The Chetniks executed him in Vrbica near the town of Foča in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 12 July 1943.  His home in Lukovdol is now a museum and is the site of the “Goran Spring,” an annual poetry recital gathering which takes place on his birthday, 21 March (further information concerning the museum is available in English at http://www.hismus.hr/english/goran_eng.htm).  A plaque on the museum commemorates the poet and his grave is in the local cemetery.

A plaque on the nearby village hall lists those Partisans killed during World War II (as well as two persons from the village killed during the Spanish Civil War).  The names and their birth and death dates are as follows:

Kapš, Ivan 1926-1945
Kovačić, Ivan Goran 1913-1943
Krizmanić, Mirko 1925-1944
Krizmanić, Rudolf 1915-1943
Kuretić, Ivan 1901-1945
Lesac, Milutin 1923-1944
Muftić, Andrija 1924-1944
Muftić, Josip 1914-1939 (died in the Spanish Civil War)
Muftić, Matija 1906-1945
Osojnički, Oton 1925-1944
Palijan, Anton 1910-1939 (died in the Spanish Civil War)
Pavilić, Anton 1909-1945
Štrk, Tomo 1924-1944
Troha, Blaž 1909-1944
Udorović, Ljubo 1911-1944
Vrbanac, Matija 1926-1945
Vučić, Karlo 1923-1944
Vučić, Vilko 1915-1944
Zivić, Ivo 1926-1944

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