Duhovnost Nikole Tesle

Darko Žubrinić, Zagreb 2022.

Nikola Tesla (1856.-1943.) 1895. g. u dobi od 39 godina.
Fotografirao Napoleon Sarony, istaknuti američki portretni fotograf.

Stranice označene niže u uglastim zagradama odnose se na knjigu The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla and Other Works u popisu literature na dnu ove mrežne stranice.

Budizam - kršćanstvo, pojam humanizma
The problem of increasing human energy (Century Magazine, 1900, tekst ima oko 70 str.)

For ages this idea [of humanism] has been proclaimed in the consummately wise teachings of religion, probably not alone as a means of insuring peace and harmony among men, but as a deeply founded truth. The Buddhist express it in one way, the Christian in another, but both say the same: We are all one. [str. 169]

Svjetski mir, nacija, religija
The problem of increasing human energy (Century Magazine, 1900, tekst ima oko 70 str.)

Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, as a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty and mastery beyond human conception, and so delicate and frail that a word, a look, nay, a thought, may injure it. Uncleaness, which breeds desease and death, is not only a self destructive but highly immoral habit. In keeping our bodies free from infection, healthful, and pure, we are expressing our reverence for the high principle with which they are endowed. He who follows the precepts of hygiene in this spirit is proving himself, so far, truly religious. Laxity of morals is a terible evil, which poisons both mind and body, and which is responsible for a great reduction of human mass in some countries. [str. 174]

The establishment of permanent peaceful relations between nations would most effectively reduce the force retarding the human mass, and would be the best solution of this great human problem. But will the dream of universal peace ever be realized? Let us hope that it will. When all darkness shall be dissipated by the light of science, when all nations shall be merged into one, and patriotism shall be identical with religion, when there shall be one language, one country, one end, then the dream will have become reality. [str. 189]

Kršćanska religija
The problem of increasing human energy (Century Magazine, 1900, tekst ima oko 70 str.)

So we find that the three possible solutions of the great problem of increasing human energy are answered by these three words: food, peace, work. ... These three words sound the key-notes of the Christian religion. ... we cannot help wondering how profundly wise and scientific and how immensly practical the Christian religion is, and in what a marked contrast it stands in this respect to other religions. ... Thus, we are inspired both by Christianity and Science to do our utmost toward increasing the performance of mankind. [str. 191]

Duša i ljudsko oko
Predavanje održano na Franklin Insitutute, Philadelphia, 24. veljače 1893., i pred National Electric Light Association, St Louis, Mo., 1. ožujka 1893. (pred oko 4000 ljudi!)

The saying then, that the soul shows itself in the eye, is deeply founded, and we feel that it expresses a great truth. ... It is principally the natural phisloopher, the physicist, for whom the eye is the subject of the most intense admiration. [str. 543]

There is no way of acquiring knowledge except through the eye. [str. 545]

There is no death of matter, for throughout the infinite universe, all has to move, to vibrate, that is, to live. [str. 547]

But now, then, returning to the subject, this divine organ of sight, this indispensable instrument for thought and all intellectual enjoyment, which lays open to us the marvels of this universe, through which we have acquired what knowledge we possess, and which promts us to, and controls, all our physical and mental activity. By what is affected? By light! What is light? [str. 547-548]

Tesline Molitve
Ivan Meštrović, znameniti hrvatski kipar, o Teslinom je idealizmu zapisao sljedeće (vidi Uspomene na političke ljude i dogadjaje):

Njegov ideal i svi njegovi napori bili su usmjereni na to, da koristi napretku čovječanstva. Iza toga je skrenuo u mistiku i pripovjedao mi, kako se još od mladosti prije spavanja, klečeći na golim koljenima, molio Bogu. Kad sam ga upitao, kakve molitve moli, odgovorio mi je:

- One, koje sam u djetinjstvu molio. Ali, da, tako sam se molio sve do svoje pedesete godine. Od toga se doba molim drugačije, nu to je svejedno, suština je ista, i ja se molim Bogu svakoga dana.

Ivan Meštrović: Uspomene na političke ljude i dogadjaje, Buenos Aires, 1961., Knjižnica Hrvatske revije. (str. 191-193); ili Matica hrvatska, Zagreb 1969. (str. 169-170)

Tesline misli iz Autobiografije objavljene 1995., koju je pripremio John Penner;
vidi Differences between two versions of Tesla's autobiography

str. 26:

Upon regaining my health, I began to formulate plans for the resumption of work in America. Up to that time I never realised that I possessed any particular gift of discovery, but Lord Rayleigh, whom I always considered as an ideal man of science, had said so and if that was the case, I felt that I should concentrate on some big idea.

At this time, as at many other times in the past, my thoughts turned towards my Mother’s teaching. The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power. My Mother had taught me to seek all truth in the Bible; therefore I devoted the next few months to the study of this work.

str. 27:

It seemed a hopeless undertaking, but I made up my mind to try it and immediately on my return to the United States in the summer of 1892, after a short visit to my friends in Watford, England; work was begun which was to me all the more attractive, because a means of the same kind was necessary for the successful transmission of energy without wires.

At this time I made a further careful study of the Bible, and discovered the key in Revelation. The first gratifying result was obtained in the spring of the succeeding year, when I reaching a tension of about 100,000,000 volts — one hundred million volts — with my conical coil, which I figured was the voltage of a flash of lightening. Steady progress was made until the destruction of my laboratory by fire, in 1895, as may be judged from an article by T.C. Martin which appeared in the April number of the Century Magazine. This calamity set me back in many ways and most of that year had to be devoted to planning and reconstruction. However, as soon as circumstances permitted, I returned to the task.

str. 35:

I have expressed myself in this regard fourteen years ago, when a combination of a few leading governments, a sort of Holy alliance, was advocated by the late Andrew Carnegie, who may be fairly considered as the father of this idea, having given to it more publicity and impetus than anybody else prior to the efforts of the President. While it can not be denied that such aspects might be of material advantage to some less fortunate peoples, it can not attain the chief objective sought. Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment and merging of races, and we are still far from this blissful realisation, because few indeed, will admit the reality – that God made man in His image – in which case all earth men are alike. There is in fact but one race, of many colours. Christ is but one person, yet he is of all people, so why do some people think themselves better than some other people?

As I view the world of today, in the light of the gigantic struggle we have witnessed, I am filled with conviction that the interests of humanity would be best served if the United States remained true to its traditions, true to God whom it pretends to believe, and kept out of “entangling alliances.” Situated as it is, geographically remote from the theatres of impending conflicts, without incentive to territorial aggrandisement, with inexhaustible resources and immense population thoroughly imbued with the spirit of liberty and right, this country is placed in a unique and privileged position.

Govor Nikole Tesle u Buffalou tijekom svečanog otvaranja hidrocentrale Niagara, 12. siječnja 1897.:

... Posjedujemo mnoge spomenike minulih vremena; imamo palače i piramide, grčke hramove i kršćanske katedrale. U njima se očituje moć čovjeka, veličina nacija, ljubav prema umjetnosti i vjerska odanost. Međutim, spomenik na Niagari ima nešto posebno, više u skladu s našim današnjim mislima i stremljenjima. On je spomenik dostajan našeg znanstvenog doba, istinski spomenik prosvjećenosti i mira. On označava pokoravanje prirodnih sila u službi čovjeka, prekid s barbarskim metodama, oslobađanje milijuna ljudi od bijede i patnje. ...

... We have many a monument of past ages; we have the palaces and pyramids, the temples of the Greek and the cathedrals of Christendom. In them is exemplified the power of men, the greatness of nations, the love of art and religious devotion. But the monument at Niagara has something of its own, more in accord with our present thoughts and tendencies. It is a monument worthy of our scientific age, a true monument of enlightenment and of peace. It signifies the subjugation of natural forces to the service of man, the discontinuance of barbarous methods, the relieving of millions from want and suffering. ...


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