GORDAN LEDERER's memorial page

by Darko Zubrinic, Zagreb (1995)

Gordan Lederer (1958 - 1991), cameraman and reporter of the HTV, killed in Croatia during the Greater-Serbian aggression in 1991.

A letter from Gordan Lederer's mother:

I hereby announce publicly
that my son


was treacherrously murdered on 9th August 1991, by a mercenary gang of Chetniks while holding a camera in his hand, and that, thanks to the Chetnik collaborator, General Raseta, he was denied any chance of survival.

Gordan Lederer's mother,
Vlasta Lederer, Ph.D.,
consultant, spec. anaesthesiology and reanimatology

Vjesnik, 14th August 1991

Gordan Lederer as a secondary school pupil

His premature death prevented him from the realization of two important projects that he had dreamt of:
  • to study the life and customs of Albanian people in the Kosovo region, which he had visited for several times with his colleagues from Zagreb;
  • to describe hundreds of Croatian Middle Age churches using his camera (Gordan studied archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb).

Memorial cross in honour to Gordan Lederer, with a view to Kostajnica and river Una ...now as October mornings breath with peace, the dawns of Banija glitter with blue in the eyes of Gordan Lederer Gordan Ledere, 1958-1991

Gordan Lederer: Banijska ratna praskozorja (1991)

Gordan Lederer - in memoriam

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According to Croatian cameraman Petar Malbaša, seventeen Croatian reporters and cameramen have been assassinated during the Serbian 1991-1995 aggression on Croatia.

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